Travel Calendar for the Year 2016

2015 is about to say good bye, but still there is plenty of time to plan for 2016. This idea of 2016 travel gateway is for avid travelers as well as seasonal travelers. Travel enriches your experience and feed your soul. It refreshes you from day-to-day stress of mechanic life. Here is the list of few holiday destinations which suits one particular season:

Spring – Take a Delicate Cherry Blossom Walk in Tokyo, Japan

As the winter vanishes and days started getting longer, it’s high time to explore the freshness of the earth. Blooming flowers and emerging wildlife are some of the pleasures of the season which symbolizes the commencement of New Year with new life. After winters and before summers, spring is the best time to travel. Like someone has painted the city, Tokyo turns Blush Pink from Grey in the spring season. Here you can attend a number of cherry blossom parties called Hanami. Plus, with the arrival of spring, Japanese cuisine takenoko (bamboo shoots) pop up on menus around the city. The other seasonal vegetables are warabi (fiddlehead fern) and fukinoto (butterbur buds) served in tempura. You can easily get accommodations here if you pre-book, as this is the carnival time and also the national holiday.

Summer – Go for Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Every month when there is a full moon there is party. Summer full moon parties are much awaited in Koh Phangan beach. Dates for 2016 are May 21st and June 19th. Various local clubs and bars are associated with this party. Normally, 7k-10k people gather here to witness the perfectly round yellow blue moon. Fire eaters and jugglers keep maintaining the thrill of the eve. There are long rounds of fireworks display which makes the people feel alive. The whole beach turns into a party heaven every month. But, in summers you have to have an advance booking of flights (at least a month before) to get there as it is the peak season. The clear summer sky showcases the moon at its best.

Autumn – Explore the wildlife of Madagascar

Head for the fourth largest island in the world after bustling summer. Here, in Madagascar, you’ll find the glittering sun after rain, so don’t forget to keep your rain coat. This place is a hotspot of magnificent biodiversity. Madagascar features three different types of ecosystems like tropical moist forest, dry forest and coral reefs. In Madagascar, it isn’t really an issue of what kind of traveler you are because this island is a magical and rainbow world with something for everyone. During autumn it is very delightful to see the newly born wildlife here. There are almost 200,000 known species present here, out of which, 150,000 are found nowhere else but in Madagascar. The fall is the best season to pay a visit to the island as you can witness the amplified beauty of the place.

Winters – Go on a Reindeer-Drawn Sleigh Ride Safari in Lapland, Finland

Experience the thrill of gliding in the snow with reindeer like Santa Clause. The Lapland offers Reindeer Safari to tourists in the snow covered forests in Northern Finland’s Reindeer farms. These family owned farms offers a wide range of safaris (even customized) along with English speaking tourist guides. In the Arctic Circle, snow lasts for more than 200 days. The safari is comprises of various activities like feeding reindeers, living in herder’s hut, learning reindeer husbandry etc. Between November to February, one can witness the magical northern lights on four hour long evening sleigh ride. The combination of sky and ice is mesmerizing.

To get such experience, head for Luosto, a ski resort village near the greater Pyha-Luosto area. Jaakkola Reindeer Farm is seven miles northwest to Luosto. The nearest airport is Rovaniemi. Take the Pyha-Luosto SkiBus for the 90 minute drive to Luosto.

There are many hotels which offer Arctic View (north facing) rooms. Most probably they will offer you complimentary breakfast and dinner and an Aurora Alarm to alert you when northern lights are visible.

Here, the menu changes seasonally, but you’ll get Reindeer dishes for sure whatever the season maybe. This includes sauted reindeer with mashed potatoes, reindeer pepper steak etc. Besides, you can also taste some very luscious Lappish dishes.

Winter in northern Finland is extremely cold, yet dry as a bone. The temperatures in Luosto normally ranges from about 7°F (-14o C) in January to about 19°F (-7.22oC) in November and March. Pack and dress accordingly.