Rio Carnival 2016: Unleash all the limits and have boundless fun

Rio Carnival 2016: Unleash all the limits and have boundless fun

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From the stunning and sexy shoreline of Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro to Rio Carnival and the Rio Nightlife, the sort of liveliness that the city imitates is amazingly thrilling. What is yet further exciting are the vivacious music, the scrumptiously bronzed samba dancers, the energy and ovations of the viewers assembled from across the world who come to experience the world’s most popular Rio Carnival. The excitement touches new heights as the Carnival time gets nearer and nearer. Devoid of any uncertainty, this is the favorite celebration in Rio by the world. Samba music can be listened to coming from neighborhoods right through the city and the mob gather to dance-sing full night and this continues into the next morning.


The initial records of celebration of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro found to be held in the year 1723. Refugees from the Portuguese islands of Madeira, Açores and Cabo Verde introduced the Entrudo. In this, People rush to the streets with buckets full of water and lemons to tease each other. The plan was mainly getting everybody soaked wet. This was initiated by Dom Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil. It is hard to believe, but even Emperors were part of the fun. In the mid XIX century, on Carnival Mondays, people march in the streets with friends playing drums, pans, and whistles. Every person was welcome to join the fun.

The Party Never Stops . . .

Yes, this 4 day long carnival is the party which never stops. The residents of Brazil are known as The Carioca. Well known for their affection and kindliness, the Cariocas are happy citizens. Whether meeting them on the beach or at a local bar their joie de vie (joy of life) is worth learning. In the Carnival, every samba school has 80 minutes to parade at the Sambadrome. The Rio Carnival begins with the opening ceremony on Friday where King Momo is crowned by the Rio’s mayor. A children’s parade inaugurates the fiesta pointing for the next four days of celebrations combined with a passionate show of art, theatre, dances and music. On Saturday, associates of the Access Group march their art in the hope of joining the chief league troupe. Sunday and Monday are reserved for the 12 best samba schools contending for the championship where six of the finest parade on each day. Each troupe tries to prove itself more creative than its competitor. At the Sambadrome every school flaunt its own legend with a set of themes ranging from political affairs to arts and may be sports. What everyone seeks to from each team is its exclusive songs, artistic costumes, and sequence of steps. The Sambadrome is always full of surprises. Every next year, the samba schools appear to be more and more creative as compared to previous year. The best thing about this carnival is that normal persons can also participate in the same, they just need a costume to be booked in advance as tailors has thousands of costumes to be stitched prior to festival. After booking a costume one can easily get admission in any of the hundreds samba schools in Rio. Believe it or not, this fest will lead you the boundless fun you were looking for in the hustle and bustle of life.

So hurry up! Last date of booking costumes is December 5, 2015. This year’s Rio Carnival will be held on February 5 – February 9, 2016.


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