Top 5 Travel Bloggers of the World

There are few people who always generate a desire to run on new roads, climb new mountains, embrace the new sea and get lost in a new forest. In spite of all this, they somehow manage to pen down all explores they did so far and are recognized as travel bloggers. Also, there are some people who are stuck in their 9 to 5 job and enjoy the experience such travel bloggers share. This blog is for all such people who fall in second category  . . . Who have enthusiasm for travel but are unable to plan frequent trips. Read the listed below and plan a wonderful trip with the suggested perspective of them. They suggest entirely unique and new places which everyone wants to explore.

Anil Polat –

Anil is THE tech- guy, who often seen sharing how to unlock the time restricted free wi-fi in airports, how to save baggage fee etc. He has loads of travel hacks in his bucket because of his wealthy experience of traveling. He shares practical advice for many necessary things which other bloggers generally over look. He has a keen sense of what travelers actually need so he also writes a lot of safety suggestions. Anil belongs to the category of one of the few travel bloggers who are making a living completely funded by his blogs.

Matt Kepnes –

Travel blogging is full time career of Matt. He is an inspiration to others, and shows everybody what the upcoming potential is. Matt’s blog is easily navigated and updated several times a week with useful information, personal travel blogs and tips. Matt is also a source of inspiration for long term traveling, as he has traveled for many years funding only by the income he’s making online.

Johnny Jet –

Johnny Jet started his blog just for fun and now, he is a well known name in the travel blogosphere. He along with other travelers, who are acting as contributors to his blog, continuously provides thrilling and creative content to the travel enthusiasts all around the planet. He is also a travel consultant and public speaker who can emit enough energy to convince one to explore the self by traveling from corner to corner.

Lee Abbamonte –

As stated by Arthur Frommer: “Lee Abbamonte is the Marco Polo of 21st century”. Yes, Lee is the one among some youngest travelers who have visited 318 countries so far. He introduces himself as traveler, brand ambassador, entrepreneur, travel expert, author and global adventurer. You can catch him regularly on         Fox News, Bloomberg TV, CNN, Travel Channel, ESPN, BBC and many others. World class magazines like New York times, Discovery Channel, Huffington Post, Today featured him many a times. He believes there should be a sense of globalization everywhere and he calls himself as ‘A citizen of Earth’. His aim is to take people sitting before PC to the virtual world tour with him.

Shivya Nath –

Shivya is a hitch-hiker. This daredevil has left her corporate job at the age of 23 and decided to move forward every day. She straightly put her thoughts into words. She thinks that traveling is all about opening up yourself to new feeling rather than validating the experience of past travelers. She regularly appears on BBC Travel, The Huffington Post, National Geographic Traveler India, The Hindu and The Times of India. She believes in sailing away from safe harbours and sail heart out by living, exploring and repeating. Shivya has been to more than 20 countries yet and is a motivating soul to independent and solo women travelers.