Planning a trip to Leh? Remember these

Leh is surely one of the most beautiful places on the earth and you should visit it once in your lifetime. Consisting of magnificent Himalayan mountains, beautiful lake and natural beauty, this place is just gorgeous. But before planning your trip you must know the best weather to visit and other things as well. so, here is a list of things you must keep in mind before planning your trip to Leh.

•    The best time to travel

The roads to Leh are only open for 6 months a year, starting from mid-May- June first week to about mid-October-November. July and August are monsoon months and can make your travel a little tricky, the best months are June and September.

•    Pack extra clothes

Usually, Leh has a cold climate and temperature decreases after the sunset. So you should pack enough warm clothes such as jackets, pullovers, inner thermals, socks, and gloves. Also, keep raincoat with you in case you experience rainfall.

•    Pack enough edibles

As the weather is cold in Leh and Ladakh, your body loses heat at a faster rate. Thus, you should have enough amount of chocolates, dry fruits, biscuits and other edibles that you can snack on to keep you going in the cold weather.

•    Inner Line Permits / Protected Area Permits in Leh

Indian citizens require Inner Line Permits (ILP) and foreign nationals require Protected area Permits (PAP) to travel to Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso lake, Tso Moriri lake, etc. You will find a lot of tour operators in Leh city who can get this arranged for you or you could just head to the DC office in Leh and get the permits yourself.  So do not forget to take the permissions.

•    Carry some extra petrol

While traveling to Leh Manali highway or going to Pangong Lake, there are no petrol pumps, so carry some petrol with you. These are vast stretches and no never know when you need some of it.

•    Pack medicines

You should also pack general medicines as well as medicines like Avomine, painkiller, pain relief sprays and some basic first aid kit as well. You might need it anytime.

Some other important stuff:

1.    Carry your ID-card and some photocopies of it

2. Medical Insurance(if any)

3. Map of Ladakh

4. List of important contacts on a paper as the phone may get dead

5. Chargers of your phone

6. Carry enough cash because there are not much ATMs

Make sure you keep all these things in your mind.