Mystery of Malcha Mahal

Can you imagine living without basic necessities like electricity and food? No right. No one can live without social networking sites, television and music in today’s world, especially in the busy streets of Metro cities. In Delhi, there is a house where there is no electricity, no visitors called Malcha Mahal.

Also known as Wilayat Mahal, built by Firuz Shah Tughlaq, who reigned over Sultanate of Delhi. Malcha is located around Raisina Hill of Chanakyapuri, New Delhi; it is situated next to Delhi Earth Station of the Indian Space Research Organisation. It was acquired by the government of India when the property was seized by the British government, Begum started fighting for the land and after some time the government gave the property to them. After 9 long years, the land turned into a ghostly building, full of lizards, snakes and other insects. Covered with dust and wall turning black, as the building was ruined begum Wilayat Mahal committed suicide out of stress and pain by drinking crushed pieces of diamonds. For the residents of this house, the millions of people living outside don’t exist. They prefer living alone without the supply of electricity and water.

For their security there are 9 dogs, a few guns, and metal boards saying:


This house is included in one of India’s top haunted sites. There are only two people living there now, the couple of brother and sister; they are descendants of Nawab Wajid Shah of Oudh. The Begum left her two children, Prince Riaz and Princess Sakina with some German shepherds and royal treasure. On 10 December 1993 when Princess Wilayat Mahal committed suicide her kids slept with her dead body, her body was lying on her desk for 10 days. On June 24th, 1994 some people attacked the Mahal in search of royal treasure, the siblings had to dig the grave of their mother and burn her body to save it from the outsiders. Now her ashes are in a crystal vial. Both the royal siblings are allowed to shoot in self-defense with the permission of Lt. Governor of Delhi. They had 27 dogs, but now only 9 are left all others were poisoned by local thieves who also stole some silver and gold.

Malcha Mahal

There are reports that some illegal activities were going in there. It is recalled 2-3 reporters tried going inside, but they never came back. Anyone who tries to come near the Mahal the Prince unleashed his dogs and fire gun.

While interviewing those people observed both of them have a very good command over English, Princess Sakina always dresses in black clothes. As per the reports, people have not seen the princesses from a long time, maybe she is dead.

Later, around 2015 it was discovered that they are living a poor and miserable life they only have a few dogs, very less food was found in the kitchen, they are almost out of money. Maybe now you have a clear view that it is not haunted it is mysterious. Both of them are also human beings stop hurting them, they deserve a peaceful life.

Whenever the Duo will leave the place it will be given to Archeological Survey of India. These people can open it to the public.