Winter weather while travel? Here is your checklist of things to do and avoid

Winter weather while travel? Here is your checklist of things to do and avoid

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Everyone knows how important is it to stay warm during winters. Traveling during winters can be especially tricky if you don’t dress right. Layers, layers and more layers is the mantra to go by normally but if you’re traveling, mobility plays a huge factor that has to be taken into account as well. Here are a few tips on how to save yourself from the chill:

Hat and Scarf: During chilly weather, not only do have to keep yourself warm but keep that precious body heat from escaping as well. The secret to preserving the vents is to cover your head with a nice and cozy hat. Add a scarf to make it a perfect combo while making a style statement as well. Scarfs not only add a little bit of color to your outfit, but make you look stylish in process.

Cross-shoulder Bags: When you’re traveling it’s best to carry a backpack along or a bag who’s strap goes across the body. Not only it is convenient but gives you the freedom to keep your hands hidden away in your pocket or hold a warm cup of Joe.

Warm Intake: While you’re going around town sightseeing or trying new things and you feel that sudden chill coming on? Well, the perfect way to counter that is to pick up a warm cup of tea or coffee and let the warm energy flow through you. Have one, have two, it’s the only medicine to make you feel better instantaneously.

Skin Secrets: No matter what season of the year, skin care is an year round chore. Winter’s especially are tricky to navigate because the dryness just creeps up on you and before you know it, you’re stuck with dry lips. Your moisturizer is your best friend and your lip balm should be an extension of your arm. Also, beware, just because the sun isn’t obviously glaring doesn’t mean it’s not harming your skin. Always apply some sunscreen if you’re going to be out in the open during the day.

Pack Light: Save money and time by packing efficient than having to pay extra at the airport for hefty luggage. Not only will weight down trip but empty your wallet of money that could’ve otherwise be spent on your trip.

Steer Clear of Germs: Winter is the time of the year when everyone’s snotty nosed and passing around the flu. Get your shots before traveling, use hand sanitizer before meals and carry some emergency medication just in case.

Stay Hydrated: The winter months are dry and can take a toll on your body if you don’t hydrate sufficiently. Always keep a water bottle in hand and make sure you drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day.

Aside from taking care of yourself, you also have to be careful of your surrounding while traveling. Winter brings on a special set of challenges regardless of whether you’re traveling by road or by air. Here are a few tips to turn that frown, upside down.

Traveling by Air: If you’re traveling overseas for your vacation and covering long distances, the last thing that you need is to start on the wrong foot.

Plan Ahead: Don’t leave things to the last minute and then freak out. Chart out your travel in advance so that you avoid the crowds in this pesky weather and get the cheapest rates. Best of all, booking early gives you greater chances of getting a direct flight, rather than having to endure every stop over.

Anticipate Delays: Winters are prone to fog and haze, and its quite possible that your flight could be delayed. So plan for sitting around with a book or a plenty of charge in phone to pass the time at the airport.

Traveling By Road: Fog is not only a hazard for flights but if you’re driving as well. Most vehicle accidents that happen involve bad weather along with a little bit of ice and fog.

Car Maintenance: Have your car checked up before you leave on your trip. You don’t want your vehicle breaking down mid-way in the middle of nowhere. Winter is tricky as it is so don’t add getting stuck in a strange town to that list.

Course Correction: During winters, it’s possible that some roads might get blocked off or jammed with traffic. Keep alternative routes in mind and research the route that you plan on taking thoroughly. Is it prone to getting clogged? If it’s short, is it necessarily safe?

Winter Safety Kit: Don’t leave home without the essentials packed in your car. Keep a car charger with a back up phone in the glove compartment in case of an emergency. To keep warm during the chilly months be sure to take some blankets, flashlights, first aid kit, some matches and emergency candles just in case.

Rest Stops: Driving to your destination in the winter months can be a lot more tedious than during summer. Plan on stopping every few hours, if only to stretch your legs and arm muscles. Not only will that improve your focus but make you feel a lot better when you get back behind that wheel.

Traveling during winter is a fun experience if you have the right tools and you come prepared. If you follow the tips, not only will you have a tension free vacation but lots of time to enjoy yourself as well!


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