Want to Travel With a Full Time Job? Here are the tips + tricks

Gunnar Garfors has traveled to all 198 countries while keeping his full-time job at home. There are numerous travelers out there who want to travel but do not want to keep their job on stake. Sometimes it is a guilt factor, watching your bank account touching new heights but you don’t have ability to leave or travel. Yes, if you REALLY want something, nothing can keep you away from it. Here are few tips (tricks) which may help you to fulfill your wish.

Make travel a chief concern

The first step is to make traveling a priority. Our priorities change as we grow-up. When you have an aim to focus on, it will become lot easier to save funds and make efforts in the direction of achieving your travel dreams. Whether it is watching sea of stars at Vaadhoo islands, exploring Bermuda triangle, or seeing Taj Mehel, everybody needs a target to focus on.

Plan Trips around holidays and long weekends

Try to plan trips around national holidays and long weekends more frequently. Like in case if Independence Day or any other public holiday is observed on Friday, plan a trip starting from Thursday night and conclude the same on Sunday night or Monday morning. In this way you can get a whole five day trip without taking a day off. Learn to grab benefits from such opportunities. Never let them go.

Negotiate Vacation Days

If you are commencing a fresh job you can bargain your paid leaves before you even start. Often employers are willing to grant more paid leaves before they are willing to offer more money. If you are currently employed, you can request more paid leaves. I know many people who have successfully received more paid leaves after turning down a pay increase.

Make Business Trips Longer

This is an effortless way to wrap the expenditure of your flight and might even save your company’s cost. If the company wants you to take off during a peak time on a night, you could offer to fly home on a mid-week afternoon flight (which would likely to be cheaper). Now when your flight is free for you, you can have a mini-vacation and at the same time you saved the money of the company.

Ask To Work from Home

Give a read to the 4-Hour Workweek, you will definitely want to stop everything you are doing and travel. On the other hand, let’s start small and request if you could work from home on Fridays during the summer, it is worth a shot. But, be sure to achieve trust while working from home before booking a weekend departure where you will be ‘working from home’.

Set-Up a Bank Account Just For Travel

Rent, EMIs and even car loans often stop many of us to never leave home but that doesn’t mean you can’t start saving for your next trip. Produce a bank account just for travel and put nominal amount in there each month. Cutting off other needless expenses will help you to reach your destination for sure.

Work hard, Travel harder

Plan all your leaves wisely in order to utilize them to the fullest. Here is a simple formula to accomplish your travel goals.

Calculate the total leaves => Work on Sundays/Do Extra Time => Gain trust => Travel