Travel under the sun while keeping yourself cool!

Travel under the sun while keeping yourself cool!

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The kids are on their school break, the days are nice and warm, and summer festivals are happening left and right no matter what part of the world you decide to visit. The summer months are the most popular time of the year for people to plan their vacations and venture to new places, but with the recent changes in climate, it’s become more important than ever before to protect yourself against the heat.

Be Comfortable – Cotton is your best friend during this season. Go for loose fitting light colored clothes that cover most of your body. It may be fashionable to dress down, but that really does a number on your skin. Try and cover your head with a hat because a lot of heat gets in that way and invest in a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the summer glare.

Water, Water, Water – Keeping yourself hydrated while traveling during the summer should be a top priority! Always carry a bottle of mineral water with you rather than going for street side juice or lemonade. Also, trying something that’s ice cold may seem like a tempting option, but it could result in catching a cold. Find a nice shady spot, cool off, and then go for a chilled drink if you must. A lot of people turn to alcohol or coffee, but they actually heat your body up rather than cool it down.

Munch and Crunch – Our digestive system works over time when it’s hot and our body is trying to keep cool. Digesting food becomes a difficult task for our systems to handle, which is why you should go for light meals even if you eat them more frequently rather one very heavy meal. To keep your body cool go for fruits, yogurt or salads rather than breads and meat because not only will they help you energize but also take less of a toll on your digestive system.

Flexibility – Keep your schedule flexible when you’re traveling during the summer. If overload yourself if too much to do and spend excessive amounts of time under sun, you won’t enjoy your excursions and end up falling sick from fatigue. Take a siesta and chill out when the heat is at it’s worse. You’re on a vacation and you deserve to take it easy! When you’re traveling through tropical countries, most people are napping during the afternoon anyway, so take a hint and lie back! If you don’t feel like sleeping you can always lounge by the pool or opt for an indoor activity that will keep you away from the afternoon heat.

Standing and Waiting – Avoid overly long queues in the summer! Who wants to wait around and spent energy bracing the heat in line anyway? Get your tourist attraction early in the morning or reserve your tickets before so that you don’t have to stand in queue. People think that is only applies to children or senior citizens, but it’s actually for people of all ages. If you can’t avoid the queues, take an umbrella along and keep switching places with whoever you’re traveling. Don’t stand in line for more than 15mins each, so that everyone can get some rest and not have all their energy sucked out by the sun.

Moisturize – Needless to say, sunscreen is an essential! Go for SPF 30 or more and don’t be stingy when it comes to application. Any place where the skin is exposed should be covered with plenty of sunscreen. This is especially true for when you’re at the beach! Sunscreen doesn’t keep you from getting tanned, but it does protect you from the other harmful effects of the suns rays.

Cool Off – Whenever you get the chance, jump in the shower or at least wash your face and head. It’s understandable that you can’t take more than two showers a day, but try wash your face where ever you see the opportunity. If you really want to stay cool you should even wet your hat before putting it on your head! The evaporating water will keep you cool. The same applies for scarfs or handkerchiefs! Wrap them around your neck and battle the heat.

Bugged Out – Nitty gritty critters can prove to be the biggest nuisance during the summer months. Insects are everywhere and after a while, it gets pretty annoying! Make sure you’re carrying some insect repellent and do some research about the kind of bugs you’ll have to face where you’re going. Prepare yourself properly rather than regret it later on.

Hot to Cold – The heat can be horrible, agreed but that doesn’t mean you should run in to your air conditioned rooms as soon as you get back from the outside. Sudden unexpected changes in temperature can catch your body by surprise, and quite honestly, it needs time to adjust! If you don’t take the necessary precautions like cooling yourself off before hand or warming up before heading into the sun, then you leave yourself susceptible to a cold or even a heat stroke!

In Tune with your Body – Listen to what your body has to say! At any time if you feel as though you’re getting dizzy or completely wiped out, take a knee and find a shady place to relax. Don’t push yourself over the limit because that could hamper your whole vacation! If you don’t feel right, find a doctor to help you out. If you’re on medication, then make sure you take it on time and ask your own doctor before traveling about what precautions you should take.

Here’s a bonus tip! Keep happy and don’t stress out! Your mood has the largest amount of impact on your body. As long as you’re relaxed, your body will be able to weather any storm. You’re on vacation! Enjoy yourself! Have a good time and keep safe!


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