Travel Tips from Emil and Liliana Schmid

Travel Tips from Emil and Liliana Schmid

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The world is now technically overpopulated and by now tourism industry has sent a lot of travelers towards many famous places such as Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls etc. But, there is one couple who are running on their own vision. They are not the one who trapped in holiday packages. The REALLY wanted to see the world . . . so they went on a voyage . . . previously planned for two years, but now it’s their 31st year on road. They are bitten by the travel bug and now the wound cannot be healed.

These REAL travelers have a lot of experiences to share. Here are the few tips the couple earned from their voyage of 31 years:

Trust Your Instincts and Partners Completely

Trust is the first stone to develop any building. Liliana knew this and she trusted Emil and his plans 100%. She is not a person who worries before starting anything; instead she first jumps into the cold water and then makes attempts to find the ways to get out. Lol! Apart from fun fact, it is important to learn that forecasting the obstacles in advance just amplifies the same. Trust your heart and partner to rule the world.

Prepare in Advance

The couple did a whole one year travel planning before beginning the expedition. They collected the necessary items, put their belongings (from 15 years of marriage) in the store properly, made plans . . . both travel and financial. It wasn’t easy for Liliana and Emil to leave their highly comfortable job and a well settled lifestyle. Yes, it was hard to get out of comfort zone to explore the spanking new lifestyle. The couple advices to pack light and always keep a sufficient stock of medicines with you to take rid of any such emergency. They also suggest that book accommodations online as they are flooded with offers.

Be Budget Friendly

Dine where locals dine as the tourist spots are heavy on pockets. Both of them purchased their own vegetables and cooked in car, even they slept in car, this surprisingly lead to cost cutting with a huge margin.

How Travel Change You

You learn to be happy in less and become more appreciative towards things. The travel teaches you to respect other cultures . . . for example in Islamic states journalist have no right to have a direct encounter with women, they emailed their questions to Liliana. According to the adventurous Emil, you become more adaptive to the situations as during travel you get closer to Mother Nature like never before, this also enhances the sense of aesthetics beneath you.

They say that there is nothing like past or future and yes you guessed correctly . . . . Be in present always. The whole idea of life is covered in these lines: ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the places and moments that take our breath away’.


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