Travel tips for the monsoon season

Monsoon is a season with its own pros and cons. There are many things that we love and can enjoy about it. Talking about travelling in monsoon there are certain steps that one needs to take prior to avoid regrets. Here we have some tips to travel safe in monsoon, take a look.

Carry sufficient medicines

Precaution is better than cure! In monsoons there are more chances of getting diseases so carrying sufficient medicines is essential. Also carry antiseptics as the water in this season can cause rashes.

Stuff more synthetic/waterproof clothes


On a trip in this season carry clothes that are breathable and light. They tend to dry easily and as they are light, it becomes easy to carry also. Light clothes dry easily too when you get wet and does not sticks like cotton ones. If possible carry waterproof clothes and umbrella.

Carry waterproof footwear

Footwear is also an integral one to be taken care of. Carry comfy shoes and those that are waterproof. Good foot wears helps to walk hassle-free and comfortably.

Electronic things in a waterproof covering

Gadgets are very important to stay connected and especially while travelling it has various uses. On a trip getting clicked, recording memories, being connected with family and friends, listening music etc is also important and for it one needs to take care of electronics. Get a good waterproof covering for your device, chargers etc.

Avoid food from station vendors

Street food

Monsoon is the time when many diseases attack like stomach infection, skin infection etc. Try carrying your own food and if you eat outside do not go for local vendors on road. Carry dry foods or order online.

Avoid chopped fruits

Fruits sold in chopped form are not hygienic especially when it is in monsoon. These chopped fruits are more likely to be prone to fungal growth and other infections. Avoid eating them. Get packed food for yourself.

Drink clean water

Water bottle

Do not drink water from unreliable sources. In monsoon the body catches diseases from water as contamination of water is at its peak. Purchase packaged water to stay safe and cover every time you drink. Avoid drinking water from open outlets.