Travel Snacks: What to Eat While Travelling

This is for all the budding travelers who are going to make their next trip. It’s a matter of great dilemma that what type of food should be packed? Below are some snacks which are light weighted and are high in nutritional value.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is easy an easy to prepare snack, just mix collectively a variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and even chocolates then make division of the same into little baggies or reusable containers. You can simply eat this dry out of your hand. This snack will take just a little space in your bag pack and has ability to kill your hunger till you reach the next eating joint, plus it is highly energetic due to mixture of various dry fruits.

Fruit & Nut Energy Bars

Ensure in advance the ingredients of the store bought versions or else, these can be prepared at home also. Yet it’s a little extra effort, but the self made version of dry fruit & nut bars could be much better, hygienic and authentic.

Whole-Grain Muffins

With plethora of choices, these tiny breads are easy to made snack item that are perfect to be taken anytime. The Whole-grain muffins are a great way to intake a large variety of antioxidants and fiber. It contains wheat, which is a good source of Vitamin-E.


Nothing can substitute the nutritional value of fruits as they are the natural sources of energy without any side effect or allergy. Other than being the best source of eradicating hunger, they shall also keep you hydrated. Pack bananas, apple, orange etc. but be careful to use them as early as possible.

Frozen Peas

One of the best things about frozen peas is that if you pack them frozen they can also act as a type of transitory ice pack for any other perishable food item you are taking along. On the other hand, it is the only natural veggie which is favorite of kids.


For a road trip, nothing is better than packing peeled and sliced vegetables like carrot, radish etc. as they are portable, long lasting and refreshing. Eating veggies is way better than eating a pizza of airplane or of outside as a good dietary habit should be maintained to get full joy of the journey.

Organic Popcorn

Take your own home made popcorn packed in a brown paper lunch bag (that’ll show you Eco friendly) without making use of those factory made bags full of additives and chemicals. Stay safe, travel more!

Cherry Tomatoes or Grapes

Wrapped up in the perfect bite size packaging, these are two gift of nature are exceptionally handy whole foods to take on the roads. These should be protected in a box in order to get the splash of freshness during flights, rail journey or so.

Also, don’t forget to carry sufficient quantity of water as well. During the flight, keep the reusable empty water bottle until you pass the security point and then fill the same on the other side.