Travel Budgeting

Budgeting to a middle class or even a high class tourist is very important and should be planned carefully; as carefully as (or maybe even more carefully) than your itinerary.

First you should look at the travel costs mainly the flight charges. Decide the type of flight and the class to travel in depending on your budget. Also, keep a tab on the hotel charges and other transport expenses while travelling like taxi charges. If you have a planned trip these expenses are very easy to predict and calculate. This is the usually the most expensive part of your journey but it is also something you can easily manage. All this is going to take is a serious thought and some planning ahead of time.

Now, we come to the costs which are harder to predict. These would occur but you can’t predict easily how much of expense will be involved. Mainly this includes shopping, sight seeing and other joyous activities that you are going to engage in.

The best thing to do in this case is to have a limit and stick to it. The latter might be tough because everybody succumbs to temptation. So make sure you get what you really like and would not regret spending money over. Make a list of things you want and things you want to do. Try to juggle your expenses ad interests in an economical fashion.

Asking around about which place offers the best deals is many times a good idea. If possible, try asking the locals or somebody who has already visited the place.

Don’t mind looking around for options, spend time browsing and have a good idea before you settle on anything May it be hotels or clothes. It’s a good idea to bargain as at most places the shopkeepers sell things at a high price just because you are a tourist. You might also want to look at the schemes and offers going on. Many hotels offer some really amazing schemes especially during their busy seasons, with a lot of discount offered on food, accommodation and travel to some certain tourist destinations.

If you are going on a pure pleasure trip and don’t want to tire yourselves planning so much, maybe you should try to book with some travel agency. Some of them provide really affordable and amazing trips which imprint you with a lot of memories. A word of warning, there are some tout agencies which are very corrupt and deal with many scams. Beware of them.

At the end, I’d like to add that while planning your budget is a very important and crucial activity for your trip, you should not tie yourself down. Your budget should not push you down a bit too much. Leave space to enjoy and relax. Remember, it’s a trip. You should return with beautiful, unforgettable memories not money worries, regret or stress. Enjoy your journey while maintaining a little self control and self restrain is what you should aim for.