Train travel tips

Train journeys can be fun and hectic at the same time. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and just read a book or sip a hot cup of tea. Hectic because, train journeys can make you feel drained. So here are a few tips that can help you make your train journey enjoyable and bearable.
1. Always carry snacks for all. Food served in trains are not of good quality. Regardless of who you travel with, always make sure you carry some food with you. You don’t have train attendants who can give you food whenever you want. So it is better you carry something, in case you feel hungry.

Train Food
2. Try and wear comfortable footwear; preferably shoes. Trains can be dirty and messy. It is better when you go to use the toilet as well. Shoes can provide you with support and keep you away from all the filth. You can always take your shoes off when sitting.
3. You should also carry wet wipes and toilet paper. There are times that the toilets are dirty and there is no toilet paper or soap. Also while eating it is important you sanitize your hands. During emergencies, wet wipes and toilet paper come in handy. Make sure you carry at least a pack of each for your journey.
4. If your train journey is one night long, then you should definitely book a sleeper rather than chair car. Chair car is comfortable and you can take a nap, but you cannot sleep on it for an entire night. It might hurt your back and neck, leaving you sore before your vacation. Hence plan in advance and book accordingly.

Chair Car
5. Take something warm with you. Trains get really cold during the night. Carry socks and a hoddie or sweater. The temperature is cold. So to have a comfortable journey as well as avoid falling sick, keep yourself warm.
6. Invest your time in something good while on the train. If you are going with your kids or friends, you can carry a few games or even make them up. Playing cards is the best way to spend your time on the train. This time can also be used to reconnect with friends and family. So make sure you have something or other planned for everyone.
7. You should also carry your laptop or phone charger handy. Most of the trains now a days have plug points where you can charge your laptops and get some work done.You can also watch a movie you are dying to watch or just surf the net.

8. If you are a light sleeping, make sure you get earplugs or earphones along.This will help you have a peaceful sleep without any disturbance. You might find people who make a lot of noise which might cause you inconvenience.
We hope these tips help you have a safe and comfortable train journey. If you are tired and irritated all during your train journey, then you can never enjoy your vacation.