10 Haunted Places in Goa

We can only think of Goa as a happening and party place. The place is famous for beaches, churches and parties; But Goa has some haunted places that will scare the hell out of you. So get ready to learn about these places, add adventure to your trip by visiting these places when you go to Goa.

10. Blood Hunting Witches On NH-17 Mumbai-Goa Highway

NH-17 Mumbai-Goa Highway is one among the haunted places in Goa. The lair of witches roams on the highway in search of dead meat. Once a couple was passing by the road at night, they had non-vegetarian food with them. After some time the lights of their car started going off and on within some minutes the man lost control over the car, They both came out of the car and suddenly the doors of the car get locked. After almost an hour he managed to open the door and there was no food left in the car and his wife was injured. Somehow he managed to escape from there with his wife. Warning: Do not carry meat with you.

9. Frightening Rodrigues Home (North-Goa)

Frightening Rodrigues Home

Rodrigues House in Verna is a haunted house with sprits residing here, along with the Rodrigues family. People claim that windows and doors of the house open and shut on their own and things get missing during night. Incidents like this have earned this place, a scary reputation.

8. Rachol Seminary Arch


Rachol Seminary Arch is another haunted place in Goa. The ghost has been around since the Portuguese era. It is said that a sentinel spirit walks under the arch on special days and deny to the person who seems unworthy. The ghost is a guard.

7. The Revenge Full Ghost Hotel

The hotel was being built by the Russians. Due to some legal complications they have to leave the country and the hotel never got completed. The empty and jungle surroundings add spooky a touch to it. There have been reports by people of paranormal activities in the hotel.

6. Spooky Experience in Igorchem Bandh


Igorchem Bandh is another haunted place in Goa. It is a stretch of road in Raia, located behind the Church of Our Lady of Snows; the spirits here walk in broad daylight. If you walk on the road between 2 Pm – 3 pm, you are likely to be possessed by evil spirits. According to local folks the spirits look for a man with self control. After being possessed by the spirits they talk like ghosts, their eyes become red and body turns into pale.

5. The Haunted Baytakhol Road 


This haunted place will give you chills and it is located between Dhavali and Bori. A lady appears crying out loud and when you look back there is nobody, you lose control of the car which leads to accidents. There has been record of the numerous accidents on this road.

4. Brothers Screaming in D’Mello House


D’Mello house is one of the most haunted places in Goa. It is possessed by a ghost killed by his own brother. The story is about two brothers, who fought for the property and one of them killed the other one. Since then the house is cursed, people have reported noises like falling of some object, a loud cry at night.

3. The Ghost of Children on Janki Bandh

Janki Bandh is considered as a very haunted place in Goa. It is a temporary bridge connecting Navelim and Drampur. Once because of drivers mistake, a mournful accident occurred in which all the passengers were killed, most of which were children. Many people have reported hearing cries of little kids at night. Maybe they need help.

2. Spirit of Lady Christalina In Saligoa Village


The small Saligoa village is popular for its churches, the village is said to be haunted by the angry spirit of a women named Christalina. A banyan tree is the home of this spirit .Once a Portuguese man went missing, when he was discovered he was full of wounds. After being questioned he, said he was taken by Christalina. The site is believed to be haunted till date.

1.  Three Kings Church 

Three Kings Church

The Three Kings’ Church in Casualim village is the most popular haunted place in Goa. The legend area was ruled by three Portuguese kings, they all kept fighting over the place. One day a king invited other two kings to dinner and mixed poison in their food. The supporters of the dead king gathered outside the church and the third king took poison and killed himself. They are still there, they can be felt. People say their bodies are buried under the church and their spirits roam around the church and village.