Top 10 Differences between Tourist and Traveler

There have been many questions and debates regarding finding the meaning of two words: Tourist and Traveler. It is a bit difficult to define the same as both shares a common love for discovery, both walks on the same road, but both are poles apart in thinking and style. Although, both type of people leave home with the same motive, but still there is a thin line of difference between the ways they present themselves in order to fulfill their desire. We have chalked down some of the major tendencies of a Tourist and a Traveler. Have a look:

1.Travelers learn from the things that go wrong in their trip and move on.Tourists Sue. (without a second thought)
2.Travelers travel either solo or with maximum two companions.Tourists love to travel in large groups or with families.
3.A traveler takes pictures of all random stuff he came across and posses a very good camera with Tri-pod.On the contrary, tourists take pictures just to update their social network profile and do not possess a Tri-pod generally.
4.Travelers are spontaneous. Their travelling decisions may change at any point of time.Tourists are strict to their Time-table. They are well prepared at least a couple of month before.
5.Travelers understand the essence of life, place and people. They never mind been into the crowded tourist destinations. (But they never stay there longer as well)Tourists generally travel to tourist destination and complaint that there are a lot of tourists there. They went go to Taj Mahal and expect only themselves adoring the 7th wonder of the world.
6.Traveling is more or less job of the traveler. He is always looking for new places, new adventures and people. After tasting the things he/she wants to taste … He moves on.Tourists travel for pleasure. They travel for maximum 15 days and try to manage everything in some time.
7.Travelers can be seen trekking mountains with a single back pack, living in tents with a little fire and sometimes hunting and eating.Tourists can be seen sliding their expensive baggage in the streets and posing in cozy hotel rooms.
8.A traveler explores the culture, tradition, food and people of the country and gets involved where he is at the moment.A tourist so some site seeing, click pictures, experience just surface of the place and go home.
9.Travelers use traveling as an educational experience. They learn human behavior, cultures, myths etc. of different countries.On the other hand, tourists take travel as an escape from their life.
10.Traveler actually Travels.While a tourist generally head for Holidays.