Tips to Combat Back Pain while Travelling

The idea of long journey can be a hell of a task for people with back problems and traveling needs us to mold our body in ways we’re not used to. We also know seats in trains, buses, airplanes and even cars are not always a comfortable place to be in. They can easily aggravate the already sore areas of your body but that doesn’t mean you’re back pain should prevent you from seeing the wonderful world. No wonder travel with back pain should be avoided but if it’s necessary we have a few tips to help you have an amazing trip.

First, consult your doctor regarding the specific situations and ask for proper medication and precautions. After his/her consultation, try these following steps which help you to reduce the discomfort caused by backache.

Pack light

pack light

It’s better to use 2-3 smaller bags rather than one large heavy bag, especially if you have to lift out/in out of car’s boot or put it in or out of overhead bins. You can also use light bags with wheels and handle for rolling. If you still need to pack a lot for the trip then the best option is to ship the entire baggage which you need on later stages just keep a light bag pack using both straps. No haul. No pain!

Be luggage Smart

luggage smart

Back strains often aggregate when lifting a heavy suitcase which may even result in slip disc. Experts recommend moving slowly with heavy briefcase or breaks action into smaller fractions. If you want to put your luggage into overhead bin or top tier of train seat first lift the briefcase into the arm of seatback followed by head of the seatback/train seat and then put inside the overhead bin. Lifting in patches help you to divide your body weight accordingly which reduces the chance of strain. One should strictly avoid twisting while lifting.

Right Posture

Sitting for longer periods adds to back strain while poor posture doubles it up with more pressure on your spine. Just make sure that you sit straight or your back is line with the back of your seat. Keep your shoulders straight avoid bending forward and also make sure that your both feet are firmly placed on the floor. You can also take with you the foldable stools or foot rest.

Look for opportunities to move around

In train journey you get ample space to hover around but isn’t the same in flight journey. So it’s better to let flight staff know about your backache and request them to allow you to get up periodically for stretch and move. Having said that, ask for aisle seat as it gives you more wiggle room and liberty to get out of seat when needed. Seating for prolonged periods could bring stiffness in hamstrings which can exert your lower back. You can stretch your legs while seating even in a small space or do simple stretch exercises in the last of the plane.

Other Key points

  • No one knows your pain like you do so it is your job to be aware of its needs and precautions. If already on medication, keep all your medicines with you all the time in a separate box. In addition, water therapy, disposable hot and cold packs also help many people with back pain.
  • Bring your own back support in the form of extra cushions, pillows and ice packs.
  • Wear clothes that propel you to seat comfortable and move freely.
  • Just make yourself busy with some kind of music, videos or books to keep you occupied so it could take your mind away from the back pain.

Enjoy your Trip!