Tips For Surviving A Summer Road Trip

The best road trips are the most spontaneous ones. However, if this spontaneous decision is taken when the summer is at its peak, there are many travelers who tend to drop the idea as they feel that road trips in summers can be difficult to deal with. Undoubtedly, braving the summer heat while staying in an automobile for hours is difficult.

Listed below are a few handy tips which you should keep in mind. They will certainly help you conquer the road while dodging the wrath of summer to a large extent.

• Ensure that your vehicle is well equipped for the trip. If your air conditioner is broken, get it fixed. You can also pack thin sheets to cover the seats with.

• Avoid driving in the height of the afternoon if you have a chance. Travel enthusiasts recommend that driving at night, dawn and dusk are the best during summers. This is the period when the temperature is most pleasant and one is likely to find traffic-free roads.

• What you pack becomes the most important during a summer road trip. Aside from the regular clothes, toiletries etc., ensure that you pack a few essential summer specific items such as sun glasses, sun screen, umbrella, bug repellent among others.

• Stay rested. Don’t tire yourself out. Stop for breaks to stretch yourself. Getting cramps or nerve pulls is common when you don’t stretch adequately.

• Keep yourself hydrated. Carry fruits and water and keep consuming them at regular intervals. Dehydration is a major illness during summers and have a high probability of occurrence during summer road trips.

• Pack your vehicle with lots of music for your entertainment en route. Also, trips and vacations are relaxation time, away from work. So ensure that you switch off those BBM’s and e-mail alerts, which might just end up spoiling your holiday.

• Eat healthy. Have food which is freshly cooked. Pack sandwiches, nuts and fruits from home, so that you can keep nibbling on them the entire way.

• With the advent of technology, GPS has become highly reliable. But it is always good to have an updated atlas and local guide maps handy.

• Make sure you’re keeping someone you trust up to date on where you are and where you plan on going. You never know but it might come in handy.

• Phones get stolen, broken, and lost. And that is when you panic because you lose all your contacts. Especially when on a trip, and even otherwise, always have a backup contacts list. You can save them in your notebook or on your computer.

So next time, don’t think twice before embarking on a summer road trip. Just follow some of the tips above and you will definitely have a wonderful vacation, full of happy memories.