Tips for Managing Post Travel Dues

Tips for Managing Post Travel Dues

Posted by: Team TP,

Welcome to the real world after a memorable overseas adventure. A credit card on the edge close to its limit can be somewhat scary. Definitely, the journey was worth it, but now, it’s time to pay back those good times. Not a single soul wants to be in debt, particularly if interest rates are pushing you in even deeper sea of debts. So here are a few ideas to assist you to break out the negatives:

Make a Plan of Payback

Map out your financial inflows and outflows as this can really help you out to shed some perception on how and when you shall likely pay back the debt (s). Keep in mind and be very clear that over committing the repayments on paper is an easy thing to do. Go for only those commitments in which you are comfortable. Be practical and allocate the repayment schedule wisely. The real challenge comes after you’ve created a financial plan and remembering to stick to it becomes hard. As you’ve created a document on computer or on a piece of paper, which is out of your sight and it’s easy to forget about it after few weeks. To avert this incident, a good idea is to keep the budget (in short form) written in sticky notes somewhere noticeable, maybe on the fridge or above your desk.

Fuse Your Debt

Debt consolidation is worth taking into consideration if you are coping with multiple debts. By making a portfolio of all of your outstanding debts into a low interest loan or credit card, you can make noteworthy savings for the long term. Plus, you only have to make single repayment for each month, as against multiple payments to various financial institutions and diminish your worry.

Routine Payments

On the subject of having less worry, automatic payments is a sensible option. Requesting the repayment to be direct debited from your account every month shall possibly prove helpful reducing the chances to skip a payment and will also eradicate any possibility of forgetting the same too.

Make Surplus Repayments When Feasible

If luckily you obtain some extra money, maybe a bonus at workplace or some tax return then it’s not a bad idea to assign a portion of it towards the liability. It will save you funds over the long term as it will decrease the interest amount and the time it will take to appear from the red. So never leave a chance to take benefit of the moment . . . as the enjoyment can wait for some time but delaying in repayment of debt shall pull your legs deeper only.

Inspire Yourself

Imagine about what life without any debt will be like. Feeling about a debt free life is itself is a reward and is a great way to keep you on track with repayments. Settling up your debts faster rather than later shall result in less interest and thus, less financial stress too.


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