Things you must do for responsible traveling

Due to an increased rate of tourism in hill stations, they are slowly becoming a dumping yard. In our thirst of traveling, we are leaving behind a lot of garbage and plastic. The number of visitors is increasing day by day and irresponsible tourism is causing huge damage to hill stations. The untouched beauties are now receiving huge tourism which is destroying them. Obviously, we all love traveling, but we need to do it responsibly. 

Here are some little steps that you can take during your travels to make the situation better:

•    Carry your own water bottles, they can be refilled instead of buying plastic bottles and disposing of them in the hills.

•    Do not leave empty alcohol bottles in hills, do not leave them on trails. Broken glass bottles hurt animals and other human beings as well. ‘

•    Avoid eating packaged food in hills, go for fresh food available locally.

•    Instead of carrying chips, biscuits, etc, buy some dry fruits or local street food. This will not add to the plastic waste or bring back the wrappers to your city and dispose of them.

•    Carry a disposable bag to collect all your non-biodegradable waste and bring it back to your city.

•    Don’t litter

Source: Twitter

•    Carry a mug for coffee or tea provided by the vendor instead of using plastic glasses or mugs.

•    Avoid using loudspeakers

•    Do not carry tetra juice packs, try fresh juices.

•    Carry your own carry bag to limit the plastic bag usage.

Throwing empty bottles, wrappers, and garbage anywhere you go is not a great idea. Travel responsibly and do not leave anything on the mountains. Save the environment, save trees.

These little steps will contribute to something bigger.