The Windy City: Chicago

The Windy City: Chicago

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Sources suggest that the name “Chicago” has been derived from a French word shikaakwa, which translates into “wild onion” or “wild garlic”. Fondly nicknamed as the ‘Second City’, Chicago with its picturesque skyline is located across the waters of Lake Michigan. Located in the Midwest, Chicago is the seat of Cook County and happens to be the third largest city in the United States. From blues and jazz to the first skyscraper, all trace their origins to Chicago. The first recorded reference about Chicago was made by Robert de LaSalle around 1679 in a memoir.


If you’re planning a vacation to Chicago, travel enthusiasts suggest that from June to September, the weather is very pleasant. Even April and May are good for a vacation. However, you should be prepared for sudden thunderstorms. Temperatures in July and August may go above the normal average of 83°F and become hot and humid. In the winter months from December to March, the city witnesses cold temperatures with cold wind chill factors. Snow is usually limited to a handful of heavy storms per season.

How To Reach

As far as accessing Chicago is concerned, the city is well connected via air. Chicago is served by two major airports O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport. So, it is advisable that tourists opt for a flight to one of these airports. Chicago has been historically known as the rail hub of the entire United States, thereby making Chicago one of the most convenient U.S. cities to visit by train. Visitors also have the option of accessing Chicago via car.

Places To Visit

  • Promontory Point: Designed by Alfred Caldwell, the Promontory Point is a man-made peninsula and is a part of the city’s Burnham Park. It has been recognized as one of the city’s most stunning locales and is best visited early in the morning.
  • Kathy Osterman Beach: If you’re looking for a peaceful, serene and a relatively less crowded beach, Kathy Osterman is the place to go. Carry your favorite book and lose track of time here.
  • Adler Planetarium: One of the top attractions of Chicago, the major attraction of Adler Planetarium are the virtual-reality trips through time and space in the Sky Theatre. Themes usually centrearoundthe mysteries of universe and how humans have engaged with it throughout history.
  • Millennium Fountain: One of the largest fountains in the world, the Millennium Fountain is located in Grant Park downtown. The center jet shoots 150 feet into the air every hourand in the evening, the waters of the fountain are illuminated by a brilliant light show. The fountain is open from May 1, or earlier if weather permits usually until mid-October.
  • Grant Park: Spanning an area of approximately 319 acres, the Grant Park is home to notable landmarks like the Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Art Institute and Museum Campus. In the summer, Grant Park also plays host to festivals like Lollapalooza, Blues Fest and the Taste of Chicago.

For a vacation full of sweet memories, plan a trip to Chicago as soon as you can!!


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