Stockholm- One Among the Most Livable Cites

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and is the home to nearly 22% of the entire population of the country. It is the largest city of the Fennoscandia.

Journey to Stockholm- you can board a flight to the city, since it’s a major city of the Scandinivia and thus is well connected with the rest of the cities around the world. You can also take a train to Sweden from Europe; it is the easiest, more comfortable and cheapest way to reach the city. Stockholm has a well connected bus route too. The city has centrally located harbors so you can travel to and fro from the city via water, in a ship or a cruise.

Stockholm is popular for having an excellent public transport system open to local public and visitors that is connected to every nook and corner of the city. If you want to have a better view of the city, try the ferry ride, it is said to be the best way to discover an island city.

The city will leave you speechless, consisting of fourteen islands connected by bridges, lush greenery, buildings portraying the best of architectural designs; there is freshness in the air here. The absolutely clean and green capital is bound to win your heart.

This city brims with energy round the year you’d always have something to look up to. Here’s a list of events for which you must already circle dates on your calendar to keep yourself free.

If you are obsessed with vintage, the Vintage Flea market of Stockholm becomes a must visit for you. The annual pride festival which is celebrated to celebrate the presence and love for LGBTQ communities would get you all excited and welcoming. Music has always been this city’s specialty, Summerburst, its annual summer festival has all the famous DJ’s of the world coming together to produce some amazing music and get the Olympic stadium of Stockholm moving. One heck of an evening it always is. During the cultural festival of Stockholm, the entire city gears up in the festive mood, every street is decorated and everyone comes together like a family to celebrate. Bikers would love it here, two important events are: Bike it, it’s a guided tour where in you get to cover as many as 3 islands in a 3 hour journey on your bike with many others. The Midnight Race is another event, bikers look forward to. More than 20,000 bikers race with other on the streets of Soldermalm, wearing similar tee shirts matching the speed of the wind on a lovely summer night.

Climate- This city has a humid continental climate. Summers are mildly hot with a temperature ranging from 20-25 degree Celsius, winters are extremely cold, at times it snows and the temperature might fall as low as -15 degree Celsius, autumn and spring seasons are mild and cold with a pleasant temperature. Due to the high altitude, Stockholm is located at the daylight are undergo a huge change. The daylight varies from extending till 18 hours in mid summers to limited to barely 6 hours in late December.

Economy- 85% of the population is employed in the service sector; there is absolute absence of heavy industries here which contributes in making Stockholm one of the cleanest metropolitans, the capital was ranked tenth in the list of most visited destination in Europe with over 10million plus commercial nights estimated to be spent here, every year.

Education- Research and science education started here back in the 18th century. This city has good colleges for almost every field, music, theology, economics, medicine and history. You name it and they have it, the only problem students often face here is not being able to find a suitable accommodation.

The city has a lake and many tourist destinations worth paying a visit to. The nightlife is extremely good and tempting! Indeed with the pace of life, lifestyle of people, work opportunities, nature’s beauty that this place has been blessed with indeed makes it one of the top liveable cities of the world.