Some Essential Travel Apps to Simplify Your Journey

Some Essential Travel Apps to Simplify Your Journey

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You travel best when you are relaxed and you are relaxed when everything is under control . . . During the planning phase till the end of journey, the listed apps shall help you and inspire you to get out from the couch and start packing for the hottest trip of the year in a much organized and easy way.

Google Translate – Android and iOS

Google Translate is heaven to those travelers who are wandering in a country where there are some language barriers. This app helps users to translate short sentences from one language to another. Just select an input language and an output language and then type your message. The app fetch you a translated text, or a short voice message. Apart from this, you can also demand for a visual translation feature which allows you to translate text and signage with the support of your camera.

SkyScanner – Android and iOS

Serving since 2001, SkyScanner is a much recommended tool for travelers looking for the wonderful deal on domestic and international flights. This app magically compare prices across millions of flights and hundreds of airlines according to user’s need, from prominent flag carriers to charter flights and budget airlines. Users can even book flights directly from the app with the given links of travel agents or airlines. Filtrations are given for airline, price, cabin class or takeoff and landing times, with periodic chart views to check out prices.

PackPoint – Android and iOS

This is a travel packing app that provides users a checklist of travel basics that they need to pack according to the nature of their trip. Users simply have to create a trip profile, mentioning their destination, period of stay (in days or months) and purpose of travel. PackPoint then creates a personalized packing checklist that is according to the fact whether you’re traveling for business or enjoyment, the type and number of clothing to pack depended on the weather forecast.

Couch Surfing

This app is bliss for hitch hikers. This allows you to connect with the people of the country you are visiting and helps to find a little space in their homes and hearts. The hosts present in this app are verified properly. If you still have some confusion then there are periodic meets of members, attend the same and get the idea of people. This is the most used app globally.


This well known app offers the traveler an easy way to get around the town. Many a times travelers find themselves standing in a dark and lonely street having no conveyance option, in such case, Uber is the correct option. You just have to enter pick-up place and drop destination and within 10 minutes you’ll be sitting in a car. Uber proffer a range of different cars and their rates are highly affordable.


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