Things To Do Before Taking a Solo Road Trip

To some people, it sounds crazy but for some people, it is a dream. Traveling alone allows you “me time”, it gives you lifetime experience, an experience where you meet new people, eat the variety of food and explore new places. Solo travelling rewards you with new lessons and lifetime memories. One of our team members Ride from Mumbai to Delhi and shares the measures that you must take before going on a solo trip.

Learn about your Bike


Before going on a solo trip, choose which bike you want to ride on. Go to the mechanic and ask for a test, ask whether the bike will support you throughout the trip or not. Get it serviced.

Understand the mechanism of your bike

Bike mechanism

When you will go to the mechanic, ask him to teach you the basic mechanism of the bike. Like how to change or replace the clutch wire and accelerator wire. Also learn how the bike works, so that if any problem comes in between the trip you can find the solution.

Extra things to carry


There are few things which you might need while biking. You need to carry extra bike chain, extra bike keys, and extra ropes, plastic sheets to cover your bags, additional petrol bottles and an extra pair of socks. Carrying a rain coat is a must. Also, you should carry some snacks to eat (Protein bars, energy drink and chips etc). Our solo traveller advises riders to carry a bike charger or power bank for mobile charging.

Watch how to do packing


As you will be travelling on a bike you don’t have enough space to carry a lot of luggage. You must pack your bags smartly. Watch YouTube videos on how to pack bags for a long ride. Also, our team member Virendra recommends dry fit clothes. Go for round packing style.

Safety Measures you should take

safety measures

Pack extra clothes; carry some small weapons with you for your safety (pepper spray or sharp weapon). Carry safety guards with you and wear them (Arms guards, knee guard, gloves, and helmet).

Make a plan of your trip

Solo Trip

Before you start riding pre-decide the places where you will take a halt in the night, which means deciding how much kilo meters you will cover in a day, plan as per your fatigue levels. Don’t go too fast. Enjoy bike riding, Says Virendra.

Story Credits: Virendra Kadam