Precautions to take as a traveler after the traveling ban lifts

The recent coronavirus outbreak is a good reminder that our travel hygiene is of utmost importance. People who travel frequently are at high risk of contracting an infection. Since we are now aware that not taking precautions while travelling can have serious effects, here are some hygiene tips that you must follow while travelling. 

Wash your hands 

Make it a habit to wash your hands as soon as you come back to your hotel room. You may have touched many contaminated surfaces throughout the day and the pathogens can enter your body through your respiratory or digestive tract. 

Carry hand sanitizer

Keep a bottle of sanitiser with you while travelling for when it is not possible for you to wash your hands. You can use it after you have touched any screen, handles or even in general for precautionary reasons. 

Carry anti-bacterial wipes 

Anti-bacterial wipes can come in handy when you have to take public transport or have to wipe off the surface of your tray table for your in-flight meal. 

Avoid physical contact and crowded places 

If possible, try to maintain physical distance from people while travelling especially from the ones who are coughing and sneezing constantly. WHO recommends keeping a distance of at least 1 meter from other people to avoid the risk of contracting an infection. 

Avoid touching face, nose and mouth 

Humans touch their faces multiple times a day, sometimes just out of habit. Make sure you do not touch your face frequently when you are travelling as germs are most likely to enter your body through the respiratory tract and cause infection. 

Carry a mask 

Carry a mask if you are sick as it is also important to take care of people around you. If your cough, fever, and sneezing are keeping you from performing daily tasks then it is best to seek medical assistance in this case. 

Here are some precautions to take care of. What is the one thing you take care of while travelling?