Master the Art of Bargaining During Travel

Bargaining is part of culture in many countries. It is absolutely normal and often considered as a must-do part of any shopping experience.  For a large number of people this process can be a bit uncomfortable. Haggling, then again, can be genially and successfully done if it is looked more as a social event that could direct you to have the things in the best possible price.

Here are some tips that will surely perk up your bargaining skills at the same time as keeping it relaxed and sociable with the locals:

Study the Market

Step around, scale the market and get idea of prices by asking the few shopkeepers before attempting your first deal.

Learn A Few Phrases in Their Tongue

Nothing opens the door for you like saying, ‘How are you?’ or ‘How much?’ in your destination’s native language. You don’t need to know much of their language; just a few words will bring a smile and set things flowing with the vendor.

If Possible, Hit a Dialogue before Negotiating

Spend a few minutes having conversation with the trader before starting negotiations. Small talks are great ways to bond with them. They will be more likely to make a deal if they have already spent time in you.

Know What You Want, But Look Unsure

Play it calm, stare around and appreciate their merchandise. But, if you like something specific, NEVER let them know that you’ve fallen in love with it. By chance or by mistake if you do so, you’ll lose all your bargaining power.

Ask Price

Everything depends on how low your first quotation is. It gives merchant the idea of your spending limit. Usually, you can begin your offer between 25% and 50% of the marked price on markets that are open for negotiation.  It’s more or less certain that this won’t be your closing price, but it gives you scope to play.

Be Pleasant

At all times, keep it warm and polite. Mention in an informal way that you’d be pleased to refer friends if they will work with you on lessening the cost.

Practice A Little On Cheap Items

Before you head for the big items, practice to bargain a bit on things that you are less attached with and can consequently walk away if needed.

Never Make the First Offer

Ask them their best price on the item you are interested. If you state a starting price by mere guessing, you shall harm your bargaining power as the amount can only go up from there. If the vendor plays by decline to answer then start extremely low or at less than half the marked price.

Make Your Mind up That How Much You’re Willing to Spend on an Item

Before commencing the bargaining, decide what will be upper limit you are willing to pay for some particular item. This will help you to focus on the bargaining.

Walk Away: Gives the Best Output

If the price goes excessively high, give a last offer. If it doesn’t work, be friendly and walk away gradually looking at other items. There are 90% chances that you will be called back with the final offer you quoted.

Besides, it is true that we want to get things on the cheapest possible price, but remember; in few cases every penny that you give goes directly to sustain their living and to feed their family.  So, occasionally spending a few extra currencies may do some good in this world, mainly in poor countries.