Incredible Tips to Save Money for Travel

‘Lack of Money’ is one of the biggest reasons behind having travel in your life. If you wish to travel more in the New Year it’s high time that you must start thinking and doing something about your finances and channeling money in the right direction.

Rent out Spare Rooms to Travelers

Other than your monthly income, it is not a bad idea to let some traveler (after complete verification) a little area of your house. This could be little uncomfortable, but it shall bestow you with manifold benefits. Firstly, you can put this income directly to your travel saving account and secondly can create everlasting memories and friendships with people across the earth so that you can use their couches when you visit their country.

Go For Multiple Jobs

Working as full-timer or a part-timer is tough, even it sucks sometimes, but just thinks that it’s just a matter of time and all the extra hard earned money shall go to the travel fund and you’ll be your own boss. . . . The time will be yours. It’s better to sacrifice a little today for a wonderful and magical tomorrow.

Do Part-Time Tax Free Jobs

One of the best part-time jobs is giving educational or sports coaching. It shall take your just few hours of week and in exchange, shall give you a tax free income, which is in real sense, is fully yours. It shall also enhance your skills

Automate Your Savings

Savings should be your main concern, so pay yourself first. Set an automatic transfer that deducts at least 10% of your salary each week/month and transfer it to your travel savings account. It’s easy to record your savings if you have them parted from your general savings money.

Set Savings Goals

Like you save in order for buying a house, then a car and so on. . . .  Make a concrete decision that how much you need for travel then set goals and time structure to achieve them. Start short term. First save for your airfare or other means of transportation, then lodging, then other expenses. Give it a try and results will keep you provoked.

Don’t Let Luxury Override Needs

Spend on basics only. You don’t really need a big sedan to survive, nor to have a great life. You can use public transportation too, even a jeep can work. Your life will feel less messy, which will induce even more energy to attract more money to travel. A life full of everlasting memories is way better than life full of such stuff which shall become scrap one day. Flush the labels, the brand new cars, fancy restaurants etc. You get nothing by flaunting such things. Start breathing on a need basis and not on want.

Generate Income from Multiple Streams

This point should be flowing with blood in your veins as this is the key to a constant flow of money. In addition, it shall provide you security if in case one stream die eventually. For example, do full time jobs, part time job, rent a standby room, make investments and eat interest. Believe it or not, these are manageable altogether . . . many travel enthusiasts are doing this and some even more than this.

Pimp out Your Talents

If you are born with or acquire some special talent which can provide you sophisticated earning than go for it; Like if you are born with a pretty voice and can sing well then you should go for singing projects, stage shows and voice over etc. This shall pay you sufficient and also nurture your talent.