How to travel alone with safety: A guide to Solo Woman Traveler

“Adventure without risk is Disneyland.” – Doug Coupland. There are lots of women who travel solo. Indulging yourself in an unforgettable adventure is perfectly alright. But, at the same time an under covered risk is always there for women traveling alone. Traveling solo can be as safe as traveling with partners. One just has to be a little more cautious and follow these tips to fill the travel diaries with buckets full of good and long-lasting memories.

Plan in Advance

Planning is researching about the destination is as fun as travelling to that place. In between, also have a look on various safety parameters and directions notified by the government of such place. This will help to strengthen your plan. Read blogs written by travelers who had already been to that place. This will give you an idea of choosing the right place to stay, safe transportation system, bars etc. Also, chalk down the nearby medical institutions in case of unforeseen emergency. If you are heading for any sort of adventure activity, check in advance if it is covered under the travel insurance you are carrying.

Keep valuable with you ALWAYS

While you are rushing to any place, keep your passport, ID, Cards etc. with you always in transit also. Other valuables like smartphones, tablets, laptops, DSLR and its costly lenses are the things which you must not leave anywhere at any cost or else you have to bear the cost. Carry an extra baggage to keep such things and never put that into bus, checked luggage in a flight. Just keep it with you always if you don’t want to lose them. Never give a single chance to anybody to steal your belongings.

Don’t carry everything every time

If you are going to a walk into the city, you don’t have to carry everything you have. Hotels provide safety lockers, use them. Just carry few important things like a necessary amount of cash, ID, Passport, debit card and camera. Lock everything else in the locker. Eliminate the risk of being stolen. Criminals divert their attention from the target is extra cautious and then they rush towards soft one.

Be prepared for the worst

There are some moments between all fun and frolic that may leave you speechless and stunned. For instance, what if your purse is stolen, your credit card is not working or you suddenly meet a medical emergency. Always go anywhere with Plan B. Hide ample amount of cash in a secret spot like in socks which is also kept deep inside your bag. Also carry a backup credit card for such emergency. This will at least support you to manage the solution to this.

Have Travel Insurance

Either you are a frequent traveler or a non-frequent one; you need travel insurance simply because future cannot be seen through naked eyes. It could save your life and there’s no reason not to get it when there are so many online insurance providing companies that won’t let you take pains. Travel insurance will compensate your expenses when your luggage is lost; you end up in a natural disaster or meet a medical emergency. Travel insurance will provide you the security you need if you get robbed. Thoroughly go through the terms and conditions of travel insurance policy as they may not cover your few things such as adventure sports or particular countries or regions. The majority of plans will only cover up a portion of the cost of your electronics. Also, you have to intimate the insurance company in advance about you specific medical situation in order to avail medi-claim.

Don’t trust quickly

Talk to people but don’t invite them towards you. In some countries, if you give a 2-3 second stare and smile, it is considered as an invitation to the men. Better, put sunglasses and stare as much as you want. Don’t be an attraction. Blend in the location as much as you can. Try to dress like locals and speak to them in their language to avoid attracting grey personalities. The more you look different from the crowd the more you look unfamiliar with the place. Besides, it is very important to have confidence, even if you aren’t confident at least pretend to be so.

Control your drinking

Intake of alcohol will lead you senses get dull, which in turn, show you helpless. Be aware of what you are actually drinking and take drinks from bartender directly. This doesn’t mean you ban your drinking habit completely, but drink slowly and have a glass of water between each drink for proper dilution. Wisely chose your drinking partners and never trust them fully. Don’t let the alcohol lose your senses.

Trust your instincts always

No matter what is happening  . . . always believe the hidden sense beneath you. It happens when you are taking some cab and the driver is looking normal but you feel something fishy which is unexplainable. Don’t give a second thought, immediately leave that place and find another cab. Be aware of your surroundings all the time. 

Use public transportation

Use public transportation system instead of a private one as the chances of safety increases when you are in crowd. Pre-determine all the routes, i.e. bus route, rail route and roads well in advance. Also, public transportation may lead you to know the city well. Don’t hesitate to ask locals about everything you want to know about locations and how to reach there safely and at what time.

it’s not bad to be rude sometimes

Straight trees are cut down first. Don’t be unnecessarily polite. There are some situations and persons who should be avoided as soon as possible. Women come across many street wanderers who get into them like fly to the honey. It is very difficult to get rid of such situations with soft approach. Also, it’s not rude to be a little extra cautious. Don’t think what others will think, nobody knows you there. Your safety is entirely in your hands only.