How To Take Better Travel Photos

It has happened with many of us that while rummaging through the various shelves in the house, one happens to catch sight of an old vacation picture. The captured proof is one moment, but that picture acts like a window, a glimpse of which can easily send you off on a memory revival trail. You can actually connect the dots with the entire trip flashing right in front of your eyes.

Be it the current age of digitisation when you can crazily go ‘click’ ‘clicking’ your camera to choose your favourite picture from an array of shots, or the bygone years when only important and specific shots were taken due to dearth of films, photography and travelling have always gone hand in hand since time immemorial. In fact, carrying a camera is an important must have when on any holiday. Because after all, a photograph is a documented visual proof of the bitter sweet moments spent together.

An expert photographer, with the best of equipments, add ons and stronger photography sensibilities will always come out with better pictures. But what about the rest of us, who love travelling and want to have memorable pictures out of our vacations with a point-and-shoot digital camera or a smartphone at our disposal?

Our team has come up with a few suggestions and tips, which have been listed below, to help you come out with better travel photos.

1) First and foremost, read up the literature of whichever camera you possess. Ensure that you’re acquainted with most of its functions before proceeding for your trip. We understand that the technical bit can tend to get boring, however, it is the best way to extract maximum output from your camera.

2) Understand the position of the sun. Bright sunlight is one of the best to capture snaps. So if you want a crisp snap, turn your subject such that the sun is shining on them.

3) The time of the day should be an important consideration while clicking pictures. It is a fact well established that clicking during sunrise and sunset, which offers diffused light always results in striking snaps.

4) Use the zoom lens effectively to capture close-ups and details whether it’s architecture, a marketplace or delicious food.

5) Understand that even the most mundane looking subjects can create beautiful compositions. So always keep an eye out for such sights.

6) A simple rule to significantly improve the quality of your pictures is the ‘Rule of Thirds’, according to which, put your horizon one-third or two-thirds from the bottom and your main subject one-third in from either side. This lends a certain dynamic nature to the picture quality and enhances the composition.

7) Don’t forget to take pictures of people during your travels, especially the locals such as the driver, or a waiter you might have met along the way. It is always advisable to ask their permission, before taking the picture.

8) When it comes to clicking some of the most photographed icons such as the Taj Mahal for instance, try and think what you can do to make your composition unique. Walk around and explore new angles and perspectives from which the snap can be captured.

Happy clicking!