First trip to India? Here are some basic tips

India is an amazingly versatile country with different cultures, religions, languages and cuisines. It’s a busy, intoxicating and overwhelming Country. If you are travelling to India, some certain things need to be kept in mind though there no set ground rules.

First thing is to decide where all in India to visit. India is a huge country with a variety of topography, land types and interesting places. From the majestic Himalayan range of Northern India to the serene beaches of the Southern, India is going to leave you bewildered and confused with a huge range of choices. My tip is that don’t try to visit the entire country. Plan the cities and states you want to travel to and make a proper itinerary.

Make your itinerary based on some research and interests. If you want to visit beaches and are a great fan of sea food, Goa is the place to be. But if you want to see the urban India, feel the bustle and shop till you drop; well that’s Delhi. A spiritual knowledge seeker should visit the holy cities on the banks of river Ganga. There are a large amount of other places as well. You should definitely have a plan before you go.

India is a country with many beliefs and ancient traditions. Delving deeper into these amazing well-grounded systems is a must if you want to imbibe the true spirit and truly visit India.

Also, while travelling to really popular places and tourist destinations sounds very alluring, mostly these places are too crowded to actually breathe in the Indian spirit. There are many quieter spots and serene areas in India, visiting them is a great idea.

In order to take care of your health, try avoiding tap water. Carry a bottle of fresh, sterilised water with you always. In case you are visiting during summers take care of your hydration.

Also, if you are really in the Indian spirit, why don’t you experiment with Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of abstinence of non-vegetarian food? This would be a good idea and would still leave you spoilt for choices as a wide majority of Indians are Vegetarian (you can imagine us having only Veg Mc Donalds and Even KFC in the world). You would taste dishes which will leave you craving for more, much more.

Indians have many customs; something which will be a regular practice to you may appear to be disrespectful for them. Never enter temples and other religious places with footwear. Also, dress conservatively while visiting from a religious point of view. Instead of shaking hand with the elderly, joining your hands and greeting them with a ‘Namaste’ is probably a better idea.

While enjoying in the country keep an alert eye out for touts and thieves. Don’t do anything you might regret later on. Keep your head and follow your instinct. If something feels like a bad idea, it probably is.

Last rule is…the complete absence of rules. When you are visiting as country there are no rules. Just have fun. Learn something new every day. Experiment.Experience. Get lost in the true nature of India.