Fashion Essentials For The Vacationing Woman

Many women find packing for holidays a tedious task. However, irritating the task might be, it is best to invest some time doing it. Because finding something missing, when you desperately need it on your holiday is a complete no-no. Also, a holiday is all about relaxing and exploring new places. But that doesn’t mean that you compromise on your fashion.

Compiled below is a list of fashion essentials, which every woman should pack for a holiday:

  • Cardigan: This is a highly versatile piece of garment. It is best if you have it in grey, black or dark blue. It further helps that it is lightweight and doesn’t add to your luggage. Wear on the plane and/or during transit. Throw this over a camisole for a more demure look. You can also casually wrap it over a nice girly dress for a romantic dinner.
  • Scarf/ Stole: It is always handy to have a scarf or stole in your bag. There’s so much you can do it. Carry a colourful one so that you can coordinate it with most of your clothes, be it a tank top and jeans or a dress.
  • Jeans: A well-fitted pair of jeans is a must for any woman’s wardrobe and also her holiday bag. Choose from blue or black, whichever colour you prefer, but definitely opt for a dark shade. This is because a darker shade can be worn several times.
  • Dress: Nothing can beat the femininity which a dress captures in a woman. So it is mandatory that you pack one. Short, long, maxi style, spaghetti strap, you can choose your pick depending on your body type and personal choice!
  • Footwear: The pair which you wear while travelling, should be highly comfortable. Allot them for all your outdoor exploration activities. In your luggage, pack a stunning pair of heels, which will go with your dress or jeans. And also, a pair of ballet flats. You can wear them as well outside and not be worried about tripping.
  • Jewellery: When travelling, there’s no requirement for heavy jewellery. So avoid that completely. Pack in a couple of cute earrings and loops, which you can change daily and coordinate with your clothes. Carry a set of bangles, either in muted gold or silver shade, as they go with everything. If there might be any occasion for a sit-down dinner, pack a statement pendant chain/ necklace for the same.
  • Make Up: If your vacation involves staying outdoors maximum time, definitely pack in sun screen, which suits your skin type. Other than that, make a small pouch in which you can keep your kajal, eyeliner, 2-3 shades of lipstick, some foundation and compact powder. Add eye shadow if you might have an occasion to party!

Finally, ensure that your luggage is not too heavy as it would become problematic if you’re asked to remove items from your luggage during airport checking. Have a happy and stylish vacation!