Engraving Moments: 10 Tips to Get the Best Travel Photographs

With the winters knocking the doors, it is high time to plan a trip to snowy hill stations, dry desert, a memorable road trip or a wild jungle safari. Today everything happens is bound to end in a photo. There are some moments that are gone forever and are impossible to repeat . . . Photographs keep them alive forever. To cherish such moments, let’s have a look at some photography tips:

Go for Patterns

Patterns are on the whole repeated shapes, colors or objects weather arranged in particular formations or just random designs spread out across a frame. The significant thing about patterns is the creation of images that is very pleasant to the eye and adds uniqueness to your photos. Patterns can be found everywhere in our world, from natural forms scenes to food and lot more. Use them efficiently while capturing photograph and you will generate a photograph that is vibrant and attracts numerous eyes.

Have Fun with Colors

There are numerous scenes, sights and smells that arouse your senses while travelling. Just keep your eyes open for a boom of color during your tours. Use the perfect blend of mood and emotions to generate perfect colours. Keep an eagle eye on animals, natural occurrences (rain, a tree on heavy winds etc.) and transitions (day to night) to capture the best cover picture for your album.

Discover Reflections

A little drama will add more beauty to your picture. You can simply enhance the magnificence of an already appealing view by hitting upon reflective sources of water to capture with your camera. For a parallel mirror image on water, the surface must be motionless and mustn’t have bright sunshine directly lying on it. When a little light hits on top of the water’s edge (early morning or evening) leaving the water in dusk, or where some shadow cast upon the water, you’ll definitely uncover such reflections.

Don’t Forget To Capture Candid Shots

Candid photographs are all about what you are doing right now and not what you should do. In Take random candid pictures of your friends or family when they are NOT looking into the camera (arrange the same for you as well). One more tip to have best candid photographs is converting them into black and white. It emphasizes the emotion in the photograph. Take picture when the person is in constant motion, this will certainly amplify the beauty of photo.

Keep Calm and Flaunt a Unique Pose

Climbing with the waves or just looking to the moon, try a different pose, different means other than a pout or a super common left profile. Use some funny phrases rather than saying cheese, because a natural smile is looks way better than a fake one. Take more than 10 pictures in same pose so that you can choice the best one. Natural poses make the picture look lively and much pretty indeed.

Take Benefit from Natural Lighting

Use beauty of backlight and the serenity of side light, the best lighting conditions for taking ultimate photos are during dawn and dusk, when the sun is nor too loud neither too dim. If you wish to create a silhouette, use back light. The same way, mountains are caught best using side light. Try to avoid front light as it does not help to produce texture, shape or color.

Be Wise with Angles

It is a world known fact that angles play a vital role while capturing images. You have to follow the cheat sheet of angles here as there are some certain angles which are able to amplify the beauty and also; there are some which can destroy the same. The exceedingly low and high angle misrepresents the body the most. The best angle is waist angle which can ultimately capture both the subject and the background beauty entirely and deliver the best photograph of yours.

Edit the Photos

After you have taken all those amazing photographs, it’s the right time to edit them. A little editing will only add charm to the picture and make it look livelier. Editing is not a rocket science and anyone can simply do it by merely watching YouTube tutorials of Photoshop. Be very selective while using levels and give due attention to contrast and colors

Get Rid of Distractions

Many a times we come across a wonderful scene while traveling but feel that standing at this place is not a worth . . . In such situation, trust your instincts always. It never signifies that you’ve chosen a bad site. You may possibly have something in the photo causing interruption, just wait and find a new place or angle, tight you frame, blur the background etc. There may be something unattractive in the picture or people are roaming around. Start eliminating such things.

Click Everything

Last but not the least, click everything you come across. It happens that random clicks are generally the best amongst those planned-and-clicked pictures. Besides, don’t forget to enjoy the true essence of the place you are traveling. There are certain pictures which are engraved only in heart . . . Click them too . . . with your eyes.