Dos & Don’ts to travel with your pet

It is not very easy to take your pet along with you on a trip, but many people plan their trips with their cute furry friends. As you need many things during a trip and plan each and everything accordingly, similarly you’re pet also has some basic requirements without which he/she cannot go anywhere. While traveling with your pet, make sure you keep all his/her essentials and make the trip memorable for you and your furry friend. So, here are some important dos and don’ts that you must keep in your mind before going on a trip with your pet.

Dos and Don’ts to make your journey easier with your pet

•Don’t feed your pet food or water just before you are leaving. Your pet may vomit because of the moving vehicle if he had just eaten something before leaving. Give your pet water frequently but in fewer quantity. This will keep them hydrated.

• If it’s a road trip then, stop in every few hours so that your pet can step out of the car and attend to nature’s call, if required. It will also help them get some fresh air and release nausea.

•Do not overfeed your pet and keep limited food with you. Keep few basic handy snacks to satisfy your pet’s desire to eat.

Dos and Don’ts to make your journey easier with your pet

•Keep a portable or foldable food and water bowl for your pet. They hardly occupy any space and are also easy to clean up after meals and can easily fit into your handbag.

•There is a lot of dust outside so, Carry plenty of dog wipes while traveling with your pet to wipe off your pet’s face and hands that may have caught on dust/dirt.

•It is not possible to carry your pet’s bed with you during travel, so instead of a bed, you can carry a rolled up mat which works as a good substitute to a bed and makes sure your pet has his own space to rest.

•During a trip anything can happen, so we must take all precautions in advance. Carry all the basic and necessary medicines because you may not always find suitable emergency medicines for your pet at your place of travel.

Dos and Don’ts to make your journey easier with your pet

•As seat belt is really important for your safety, a similar tool for your pet’s safety is a must. If you are averse to the idea of crating, then make sure that the pet is in the rear section of the vehicle with someone along with him/her.

•If you are traveling by flight, then there are certain norms of transportation which need to be followed too, but try to make sure that you too are boarded on the same flight.

•While planning a trip with your pet make sure that you chose a pet-friendly accommodation. It’s always good to take your pet for a quick walk when you reach the destination. This helps in reducing anxiety.

•When you take him for a walk,  carry a potty scooper and some disposal bags. It does not look good if you litter the entire place.

•Carry some accessories such as a neckband and chain, your pet’s favorite toy and a wearable follower.