Berlin- City of knowledge and culture

Berlin, the capital of Germany is the largest state of the country, not only in terms of area but in terms of the attitude towards life that this city has. As you enter the city, you would automatically start feeling the breeze of freshness blowing around. Berlin is the perfect blend of culture and modernity and has an atmosphere of freedom to make and practice your choice. Life here is spontaneous, full of challenges and vigor.

The city is internally well connected and has a good network of public transportation which is modern as well as widespread and is well received by the residents. There are both, reasonably priced houses and high end houses for people to purchase. That way no one is out of hopes to have a place of his own. The river and lakes which flow by the city not only add to the scenic beauty but also makes Berlin the only German city which can meet the water demand of its inhabitants. Also, the locals take out time to just go by the lake and sit and spend quality time with near ones or swim and fish and have fun.

Berlin has a lot of green area, play grounds and means of providing elementary and specialized education to knowledge seekers.

Berlin keeps you wanting for more, it’s like you’d never get enough of it. You could go, take a city tour in an open double Decker bus or taxi or even a helicopter tour and move around the city and have a splendid view. The architecture, workplaces, people, their amazing attitude towards life, historic memoirs everything about this place is inviting and is a treat to the eyes.  The flea markets, botanic gardens, zoo, horticulture exhibition, all of them are worth visiting.

There are restaurants, café, eating joints providing the best of international and local delicacies for every price category, the nightlife of this city deserves a special mention. There are a number of discos, bars and clubs which open all night and let you dance your heart out and sweat it out on the dance floor. The best part is neither does the city appear to sleep anytime of the day nor is it unsafe walking down the lane for irrespective of whatever time it is.

Berlin instantly attracts the youngsters; the city has been an all time trendsetter and is known to be a stylish and fashion concerned place. With more than 23.6% population below the age of 25, the city is forever reflecting energy and is surging ahead on the path of success.

It is a culture plural city, with an influence of a lot of cultures and religions. With over 494,000 non Germans residing in the city, the pluralism is obvious. Not only culture but also religiously diverse, this city has over 6.3 % of Muslim population whereas 21.5% belong to the main Protestant Church and 9.3% to the Catholic Church.

Ever since the 18th century, Berlin has been called as a city of knowledge and culture. There are a number of museums proudly displaying the rich history of the nation and the city. It is known for the quality education that it has been passing on to its students. Every year a lot of foreign students come here for higher studies and research. The students are in awe of the place, not only the standard of education is good but also the culture of freedom in the city makes them feel at home and enables them to fearlessly check out the local area.

Once an industrial city, Berlin is on the way to becoming a modern center of service providers. One important business sector is tourism. With the excellent infrastructure and work force available here, it is indeed attracting many entrepreneurs to settle down here. The economy has not seen a fall in the recent back and has been steadily growing.

With all that has been mentioned, Berlin indeed is one of the most liveable cities of the world.