15 Things One Must Never Forget On Vacations

15 Things One Must Never Forget On Vacations

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Vacations are supposed to be fun, aren’t they? After a long span of endless work, too many responsibilities, and trying hard to meet up with the ever increasing pace of life, every one looks forward to a family vacation or a holiday with friends to help them get rid of their regular monotonous lives. To many, vacations are a means of catharsis. The kids look up to spending time with their parents, the parents want to spend uninterrupted quality time with their children and better halves.  The most looked forward to phase of the year can be spoiled if not planned well, here are 15 things that you must never forget when vacating.

1. First things first, keep the tickets, your identity proof, important documents like hotel bookings’ papers, travel agent’s details and the copy of the offer you’re availing, if availing any. The documents must be kept safely.

2. Try searching about the weather of the place you’re visiting and pack accordingly. Also, keep in mind the duration of your stay and then pack your clothes accordingly.

3. When travelling with kids, make sure you keep extra clothes, woolens or otherwise extra sets are a must when travelling with kids.

4. Make a checklist of things to be packed and tick as you keep things, this way there are less chances that you’d leave something behind.

5. If anyone is on a medicine course, keep the required medicines along with the medical prescription. Apart from this, keep other important medicines that would come handy while travelling, something for body ache, headache, sour throat, allergies, fever. We often suffer from such effects while travelling; we should make sure that we’re armed against all of it.

6. Do not forget to keep your camera, handy cam, mobile phone and their respective chargers. These are the most important gadgets; your heart would probably start palpitating the moment you’d find that your mobile battery is about to die.  Cameras are a must; it is lovely to freshen up memories by looking at these captured shots.

7. Keep a few extra paper bags and newspapers with you, such things find their use sometime or the other during the entire journey, especially with children travelling along.

8. Keep some snacks, dry snacks must be carried, you could have them during travelling also these could be used as early morning breakfast in the hotels.

9. Keep your toiletries, brush, toothpaste, comb, shaving kit; make up kit- these things are small but very important things to pack and must not be missed cause then they’d require unnecessary spending.

10. Miscellaneous- right from umbrella to sunscreen, from hair oil to hair gel, from playing cards to board game, from sunglasses to sports gear. Make sure you plan your trip well in advance and then sit and think of the things you might need for the activities of each day, also the things that you’d need to kill the boredom of the long journey.

11. Take proper care of whatever you might need on the trip, sanitary napkins and kids’ diapers, keep some extra small plastic pouches or bags for their hygienic disposal.

12. While on the journey, make sure you keep some tissues, a small hand towel and paper soap in your handbag, these are things you would need. Also a bottle of deodorant should be kept handy.

13. Keep your bathroom slippers, you cannot wear your heavy shoes and high heeled sandals all the time, if you want keep an extra pair of slippers/ floaters. It is suggested that while travelling, one must wear something comfortable, something in which the feet do not get uncomfortable and cause pain.

14.  Keep a couple of toys to keep your child busy and to make him/her feel like home in the strange surroundings, this would help to make him feel comfortable and at ease.

15. Make sure you carry some cash and plastic money, everything is available round the world, even if you forget something you can always go, buy it.

Happy travelling!


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