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The World’s Top 10 airports in 2015

The World’s Top 10 airports in 2015

Posted by: Team TP,
  • Dubai Airport: Dubai, from a land of desert to Tax free haven and world busiest, most beautiful airport- that what it makes Dubai a planetary heaven. The world best and second largest airport in UAE connects more than 94 destinations in 56 countries. There few things that makes Dubai international airport the best in the world such as Swimming pool, Zen gardens, Snoozecube and competitive market places.
  • Schiphol Airport: Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is much more than just a place where you wait until your flight takes off. Derived from the name from a former fortification called Fort Schiphol is known for its wide variety of leisure activities and also offers services for weddings at different aviation associated venues.
  • Singapore Airport: Singapore’s Changi Airport has won World’s best airport award three year in a row and also accolade with best airport for leisure Amenities title due to presence of movie theatres, spas and wild corkscrew slide. It has been praised for beautiful architecture, luxurious facilities and various shopping options.
  • Beijing Airport: Beijing International airport is the major airport that serves Beijing from 2014 and its T3 terminal is the second largest airport terminal in the world. Airport serves 69 foreign and 88 domestic cities and plays a major role in Chinese capital major growth.
  • Incheon Airport: Incheon is one of the world’s best airports located on the island of the South Korean capital, Incheon. It has been awarded with World’s cleanest airport and Best international transit airport and has a theater with two halls of 240 seating capacity.
  • Hongkong Airport: Hongkong airport is one of the popular airport in the world built with an investment of US $6.4 Billion. Apart from handling 60 million passengers a year it is world’s busiest cargo gateway.
  • Munich Airport: The second busiest airport In Germany that is named after former Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauss welcomes 45 million passengers in a year. It has over 50 places to eat, drink and has over 150 retail stores.
  • Vancouver Airport: Vancouver airport is situated on sea island, Canada is the second busiest airport in the country. In 2014 it served more than 19 million passengers and it has two terminals – the main and south terminal based on unique British Columbian theme.
  • Tokyo Airport: Tokyo Airport was opened in 1931 and was Japan’s largest civil airport at that time. It boats both domestic and international flights and around 69 million passengers travel through this airport Tokyo airport in Japan.
  • London Airport: London’s Heathrow airport is one of the most beautiful in United Kingdom and World’s third busiest airport in the world. It is the main hub for Virgin Atlantic and British airways and around 72.4 million passengers per year travels through this busiest airport.

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