Yellowstone National Park: World’s First National Park

In the Northwest corner of Wyoming is located the oldest, largest and most popular National Park in the United States, Yellowstone National Park. A flagship of the National Park Service, the Yellowstone National Park attracts approximately millions of visitors every year. What is fascinating about Yellowstone is the fact that a large area of the park rests atop a volcano that erupted half a million years ago.

The list of features which make Yellowstone National Park stand out is endless. Spread over 2 million acres, it is home to a diverse and rich variety of flora and fauna. There are 322 species of birds, 16 species of fish, 7 species of ungulates and 67 species of mammals which presently inhabit Yellowstone. It is also one of the world’s largest petrifiied forests and home to one of the world’s largest calderas. Thus, in the truest sense, Yellowstone is a paradise for every variety of tourist.

As far as the best or ideal time to visit Yellowstone National Park is concerned, travel enthusiasts believe that ultimately, it depends on the weather you’re comfortable in and on what your interests are. At Yellowstone National Park, the climate is greatly influenced by altitude and precipitation is highly variable. During summer, the temperature in the day ranges between 25 C to 30 C. However, the night tends to get cool. Potential visitors should also note that is the peak season at Yellowstone National Park and it tends to get crowded. Spring usually has abundant wildlife and one can witness and enjoy the roaring waterfalls. In winters, sub-zero temperatures at night are pretty common.

As far as the accessibility of Yellowstone National Park is concerned, visitors ought to take note that any major airport is far away from here. The nearest airport serving Yellowstone is the Jackson Hole Airport located within Grand Teton National Park. There are no trains to Yellowstone National Park. However, one also has the option of taking the Greyhound, which happens to be the sole nationwide bus line.

Yellowstone has five entrances to the park out of which the North Entrance is the only park entrance open to wheeled vehicles all year. The other entrances are open for specified periods of time. North Entrance is also the busiest entrance among the five. Another popular entry point to the Yellowstone National Park is the West Entrance which parallels the Madison River. It leads to the Grand Loop Road that will take you to all of the park’s major features. The entrance fee for the park is $12 for visitors above 16 and older entering by foot, bike, ski, etc. The charges vary if one enters on their private vehicle.

The main attractions of Yellowstone National Park are located on the grand loop road. Some of the notable ones are:

• Old Faithful Geyser: Considered one of America’s greatest natural wonders, it is an iconic erupting geyser and you should consider yourself lucky if you can witness it erupting.

• Rainbow Pool: True to its name, you can actually spot a rainbow hovering on it. This is due to the water at the pool’s edge which cooled sufficiently to permit the growth of algae.

• Cliff Geyser: Sitting on the edge of Iron Spring Creek, its eruptions can go as high as 50 feet.

For a wholesome travelling experience, a visit to the amazing Yellowstone National Park is a must!