Wow! A couple voyaged to Croatia to see real locations of Game of Thrones

Where we all are GOT fans to the limit of updating Facebook statuses, Asta Skujyte-Razmiene and her husband arranged a trip to Croatia to trace the real locations of Game of Thrones. With season 6 of the television series telling tales of war, lust, envy and politics is about to start, the fans are already getting desperate day by day.

So, let’s see what places they found:

  1. Fort Lovrijenac Dubrovnik
  1. Outside the Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town
  1. When Daenerys was looking for her dragons
  1. Baroque Staircase in Dubrovnik.
  1. The scene where Peter talks to Stark
  1. The location where the Sparrows preached.
  1. Walk of shame at the Baroque staircase.
  1. House of the Undying as Minceta Tower (Dubrovnik’s wall)
  1. The Basement of Diocletian’s Palace

This scene hunt is WOW WOW WOW. This couple gave us the serious travel goals. So hurry up what are you waiting for!! Pack your bags and fly for Croatia.


*Images are taken from a popular website.