World’s most beautiful cafes & bars

The best bar/ café means a place which is different and unique alongwith best services. For some, the best cafes/ bars means a great ambiance and interior and for others, it is delicious food and service, but all this needs to be perfect to make a fantastic bar/pub. This world is full of thousands of cafes/ pubs but some are just exceptionally beautiful. From classic London pubs to amazing NYC bars, we have listed below the world’s most beautiful places to get a drink. Check out the list below:

This café in Amsterdam is the popular hangout place. It has delightful outdoor seating and cozy interiors. Visit this café for delicious beer, and food.

It is the best one in London’s endless pubs list. It was built in 1750 and is the real-ale-serving public house. Its signature flower arrangements cost over $30,000 a year to maintain and the setting is beautiful.

This place offers more than 100 whiskeys to choose from. They have a long waiting line infornt of the pub but the wait is worth it, so you must visit this place. They also have Japanese scotch.

Located in Covent Garden, it is away from London’s top tourist attractions. They have a lovely ornate exterior with Victorian interiors that houses mirrors, pictures, road signs, brass pots and cornucopia of ornaments.

It is situated in Paris’s Paris’s photogenic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood it is a people watcher paradise. Through the restaurant’s top, you can watch the world moving and enjoy a homemade cocktail drink.

This café is located in the heart of Greenwich Village and is favorite among the people since it opened its doors in 1915. You won’t find a better place to enjoy a classic drink than Dante’s terrace. Its historical interiors remain intact with modem cuisines and world-class cocktails. It specializes in amaro cocktails.