Women are not allowed to visit here!

It is not just at Sabarimala where women are not permitted to enter, but on grounds of religious belief, health and ideas of impurity, women have been not allowed to enter few places for centuries. 

Burning Tree Club, United States

An all-male golf club in Maryland, Burning Tree Club is a unique club, yet, women are still not permitted to enter.

Mount Athos, Greece

The interesting truth about this place is that –women, and female animals, are banned here. It has barred women for more than 1,000 years and they are not even allowed within 500 metre of the coast.

Sabarimala, Kerala

This temple needs no introduction as it lead to a heated debate in India as it doesn’t allow women between the age of 10 and 50 to enter the temple, and this is mainly because the deity is celibate.

Okinoshima Island, Japan

A sacred Japanese island, Okinoshima is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where women are banned because of Shinto traditions. Following strict rules, only men are allowed to travel and worship at the island’s shrines, as they strip naked and perform a cleansing ritual before they set foot on the land.