Wisteria Tunnel

The Wisteria Tunnel is a herbal delight and a mesmerizing display is located at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan. Diversity of types and colors of wisteria are knitted through a cylindrical trellis that become a fantastical flower-draped tunnel during the yearly “fuji matsuri”, or “Wisteria Festival” during the blooming months of April through May.

If your are a fan of Japanese traditional gardening, even not, then you must know about this place named the Wisteria Tunnel. Wisteria Tunnel is no exception, its detailed beauty and delicate precision immediately reveals its origins to any one who come to visit. Wisteria is an ornamental vine with around 10 different species and a member of the pea family, commonly known as the legumepea, or bean family.

Wisteria is an easily trained woody vine, some species reach maturity within a few years, some others can take up 20 years also. Once they reach the stage of maturity, then cascades of long, lavender bunches blooms of varying pastel shades creating a natural chandelier of color and beauty is the reward.

Japan has always been widely known in the art of amazing ornamental features and plantings, Wisteria is also popular in both Eastern and Western gardens for its graceful hanging flowers and its ornate, winding branches.