Wildlife Holidays in Galapagos Islands

Cruising down in Amazon and watching Mecca of Wildlife, Galapagos islands is dream of every nature and travel enthusiast. These islands are sitting exactly on the equator. The Galápagos Islands may just motivate you to imagine in a different way about the planet. This houses a wide variety of wildlife, out of which, many found nowhere else in the world. For them, the humans are nothing more than an annoying other-type-of-creature.

This is not some other typical beach or coral reef, in fact, the majority of islands has no vegetation and some look more like the moon. On the other hand, more humans live here than it is commonly assumed, and there is an amazing level of development in the island’s towns, these islands on the way to become a full fledged tourism industry.

This secluded group of volcanic islands and its delicate ecosystem has taken on a fabulous status in the shelves of biodiversity. You don’t have to be an evolutionary environmentalist to appreciate one of the few places left on the world where the human footstep is kept to a minimum. It is also known as the living museum or showcase of the evolution.

Here you will find the only penguin of Northern Hemisphere, the Galapagos Penguin. The underwater marine life consists of so many mammals, corals, sharks and surprisingly, they are very familiar with divers. Other than this, three major tectonic plates meet at the basis of ocean; they are Nazca, Cocos and Pacific.

The best thing about this place is there is limited tourist visit allowed as it may prove threat to the flora and fauna of the islands.