Why window seats on a plane are better!

Although traveling is not recommended during this time, some people have to travel for essential purposes and are concerned about their safety on the flight. Everyone is looking for ways through which they can ensure minimal contact between them and other passengers and even how their seating arrangement can curb the risk of infection. 

On speaking with experts, it was found out that if necessary precautions are taken, you can minimize the risk of contracting an infection on the flight to a great extent. Another step that you can take to minimize the chances is by opting for a window seat on the plane. 

Reasons to pick a window seat 

Window seats ensure that passengers do not come in contact with everyone passing through the aisle. People passing through may touch surfaces while walking by and that increases the risk of transmission. Taking a window seat also ensures that there is an ideal gap between two passengers and the virus is less likely to transmit through infectious droplets. 

Social distancing rules on flights 

It is not possible to maintain a distance at all times but airlines are taking precautions to ensure that every flyer feels safe on the flight. For that, the middle rows are being left empty to ensure social distance. People booking window seats have also been able to maintain a safe recommended distance from the passengers passing through the aisle. 

Taking this precaution and opting for a window seat can help you feel safer on flights. If you have any health condition then you can ask for your seat to be changed as airlines anyway are supplying flyers with face shield masks, gloves, and sanitizers on board to ensure your protection.