Why tourist places don’t want to allow tourist post-COVID!

Due to coronavirus most of us are stuck at home, while there are few people who were out somewhere and stuck in another state.  A few days ago, Himachal Pradesh sent over 35 tourists including 20 people from Nepal, five from Kerala and six others from abroad. The district administration said people had come from different places and were on their way to Manali.

The government has sent them back due to the shortage of medical resources and facilities. As the world stands still with no movement and business, it is difficult for hill stations to keep people, as there are no proper medical facilities. 

As the positive cases of coronavirus cross the mark of 10,000 the lockdown has been extended to 3rd May. Amidst this, Goa and Kerala have reportedly announced that there will be no tourism activities in both states till the end of the year.

Though for the coastal states and hill stations, tourism is the major source of revenue, they still consider not opening their gates for tourists after the lockdown is lifted. The states mention that they will resume only after health protocols are followed.

Goa government says once they will allow the tourism industry to resume all those entering the state should be thoroughly checked at the airport, railway stations, and all other entry points. A person will be allowed to enter the state only when they are negative for coronavirus.

We think this is a great step to eliminate coronavirus. Also, this hints that your traveling plans will have to wait for a long time now. The tourism industry is one of the most affected due to this pandemic and looks like it will take longer to resume.