Whitehaven beach, Australia

Australia is known as the island continent and its beaches attract people, almost forcing them to visit and re visit again. The peace and serenity you get here, the positivity everyone seems to emit is absolutely amazing. When in Australia, do visit the Whitsunday Island, this beautiful island has been blessed with stunning beauty and is accessible by boat from the mainland. Come here once and you will never be able to forget this place, absolutely enchanting!
Whitehaven beach has a 7 kilometers shore line stretched along Whitsunday Island, it is an absolute delight to the eyes to see crystal clear water carelessly flowing in front of you and the white sand adds to the uniqueness of this beach. Your soul is suddenly set free and all your worries are taken away from you, nature takes over you or to put it simply you take over yourself.
This beach was awarded Queensland’s cleanest beach award   and is known for its eco friendly approach. In 2010 CNN conferred the title of ‘The Most Eco Friendly beach of the world’ to Whitehaven. If you think like other beaches you would spot people walking their pets here, you are mistaken. Dogs are not allowed here and you cannot sit by the beach and smoke your worries away. The best part about being here is that unlike regular sand, the sand here doesn’t heat up as the sun rises and you can walk through it barefoot even on a hot day with the sun shining bright. The feeling of walking around on the sand slightly touching water leaving the impression of your feet is entirely different.

Since it’s a national park, this place seems to have managed to stay untouched and undisturbed from the destructive human activities, away from the crowd and unnecessary forms of urbanization sprinkling up, this beach is blissful. Even when there are a lot of people around, you could walk to a quieter spot and be with yourself, spend time discovering your strengths or simply appreciating the beach. There are chances that you might encounter a couple of small lemon shark swimming near by. Those interested in biology, the beach would keep you engaged too as you would find a lot of specimens to add to your collection and knowledge. You could go on a cruise and enjoy every bit of the water body, the distant views, the fishes passing by; the birds flying over your head and everything would significantly contribute in enriching your soul and giving you lovely memories to cherish forever.
The helicopter view of this place is equally astonishing; once in a while you could spot a turtle or a stingray close to the shore.
Don’t forget to carry your sunglasses, good sunscreen and your swim suit as that would come handy at the beach. The sun is generally shining bright in the sky, the sand is cool and flour like so much so that when you walk through, your feet sink in the sand that well is a rare feeling!
Whitehaven can be your escape to heaven and thus can be without a doubted counted in the world’s top 25 beaches.