What is the importance of travel insurance?

Travelling is often related to fun and vacation, it is often filled with excitement and fun. However, traveling can also bring in various uncertainties such as medical emergencies, thefts of losses. And in this time of the pandemic, you never know what is about to happen. Hence there is a need for travel insurance. Travel insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy that offers cover for both medical and finance. Check out the importance of travel insurance: 

Benefits of Travel Insurance:

  •  You can avail of coverage at any place in the world.
  • You can choose from the various packages & plans 
  •  You can opt for long term as well as short term insurance plans

What does a travel insurance policy cover?

A basic travel insurance policy will provide:

  • Emergency medical cover
  • Losses incurred due to unforeseen cancellation or having to cut your trip short
  • Death and disability cover
  • Personal liability cover
  • Luggage cover

Why is it important? 

  • By taking out travel insurance you are basically covering yourself against various risks mentioned above and most importantly, unexpected medical costs abroad.
  • Travel insurance covers risks during travel such as loss of passport and personal belonging etc. Having these risks covered ensures an additional layer of protection against financial loss.
  • It also covers trip disruptions, this means any disruption that might cause you to cancel your trip for any reason. Travel Insurance also provides coverage for bookings that are canceled, entire trip cancellations either by you or by the tour company among others 
  • Travel insurance companies also provide assistance. In case of any problem on your trip, insurance companies provide all kinds of assistance. 

Still, thinking why to get travel insurance?