We’re waiting for PM Modi’s adventure with Bear Grylls!

No doubt as a leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi never stays back from exploring different countries but, apart from that do you know he is an adventure lover too? This time PM Modi decided to go experience the in-depth wildness with one of the most popular Bear Grylls of the Man Vs Wild fame, who gave us a real picture of how wildlife actually is.

Ever since people have heard this news, they just can’t keep calm and the promo of their adventure is already winning hearts.  In the teaser, the duo can be seen drifting on a makeshift raft in a river stream in the national park. As per the reports PM Modi will also be emphasizing on environment and wildlife conservation, through this show and see how survival is possible between the flora and fauna.

The major announcement about this upcoming episode was already done in 2018. The shooting has been sone inIndia’s Jim Corbett National Park. The best part is, their entire journey in the forest will be aired on television.

This created a buzz all over the social media after Bear Grylls recently shared a video, with snippets of the episode. The episode will hit the screens on August 12, 2019, at 9 PM on Man Vs Wild, and can be accessed in 180 countries.

So, don’t forget to watch this exciting travel diary of one of the most amazing political leader with the king of wilderness.