The Wave

Settled in the United States of America near the Arizona, The Wave is a sandstone rock formation. Hikers and photographers visit The Wave to explore and capture its colorful, rolling forms, and the rough and trackless hikes.

This region was a sandy desert about 200 million years ago, where large mounds emigrated across the panorama  jostled by seasonal winds. The Dominating winds of the Jurassic period can be resolute by inspecting the cross-bedclothes (layers) in the Sedimentary rock.

The canalized basin, that filled rainwater to these mangers, contracted to the point that the runoff became inadequate to redound to the cutting of these mangers. Consequently, the mangers are now about entirely corroded by wind as signified by the position of scratched steps and risers cut into the sandstone along their steep walls.

Over and a little towards west of The Wave is  that part which is called the “Second Wave” by many which has dull colors but still an interesting one for many photographers and travelers. Hugo Martin a reporter from the Los Angeles Times mentioned, “You can’t call yourself a landscape photographer if you haven’t snapped a photo or two of the Wave.”