Walking Through Versailles

Spread over an area of 51,000 square meters with nearly 2000 acres of gardens, the Palace Of Versailles takes its name from the surrounding suburb. The Palace Of Versailles was the centre of political power and a complex that housed the French government, during the reigns of Louis XIV , Louis XV and Louis XVI. With exquisite sculptures and paintings adorning its walls, technological innovations such as pressurized water fountains, in a nutshell, the Palace was built to impress. Its popularity was such that it served as a model of various other monuments in Europe. Construction of the palace cost around 116,438,892 Livres, which amounts to approximately 2 billion dollars today. After the French Revolution in 1789, it ceased to be a permanent royal residence.

Some of the must visit places in the Palace Of Versailles are:

• The Hall of Mirrors : Originally known as the Great Hall, this room is an important highlight of the Palace. Initially mean to serve as an outdoor terrace, it was later converted into an indoor space to showcase Louis XIV’s sculptures of antiquity. The Treaty of Versailles, which officially ended the First World War, was signed here.

• The Queen’s Hamlet: The construction of the hamlet was ordered in 1783, when Mary Antoinette decided to flee the Court of Versailles. It ultimately became a farm, where she found the pleasures of country life.

Important Information About Palace Of Versailles

• It is advisable to spend a whole day at Versailles to take full advantage of everything there is to see.

• Consider taking an audioguide tour of the château, available in several languages from various reception points.

• If you visit during summers,to get an overview of the entire grounds, do take the mini train ride. Other options include rowing boat and cycle hire.

• Tickets: There are several admission tickets for the Palace of Versailles. Choose yours depending on your time and the places you want to visit. For instance, the Passeport ticket lets you in anywhere at Versailles and is priced at €18. The Palace ticket lets you into the Palace of Versailles only. For those who want to see something in particular, it is best to buy tickets for each attraction after having reached there. In order to avoid the queues, viistors also have the option of buying the ticket directly from the Château de Versailles website. However, it costs a bit more than the usual entrance ticket.

• Timings: Palace Of Versailles is open daily except on Mondays. From April to October, the timings are from 9am to 6.30 pm. The palace is open from 9 am to 5.30 pm from November to March. Travel enthusiasts recommend visiting the Grand Apartments either at 9am or after 3pm to avoid the crowd.

How To Reach Palace Of Versailles

As far as accessing Versailles is concerned, it is situated at a distance of 17 km from Paris. So, it is recommended that tourists take a flight to Paris, which is well connected via air. From Paris, there are numerous options to access Versailles, depending on your preference and budget. Accommodation isn’t also a worry as both Paris and Versailles are home to numerous hotels.

For a fun-filled history lesson, do plan a visit to Versailles!