Cinque Terre which means five lands, have five small coastal villages, located in the Italian region of Liguria. Vernazza is said to be the  most picturesque of the five towns of Cinque Terre in Italy.

Vernazza is popular for its colorful, obsolete homes cling to impossible steep rock face. Vernazza is known as “the jewel of Cinque Terre” because of its natural and man made beauty. And Cinque Terre’s only town that has the closest thing to a natural port and offers superb swimming experience.

Decorated with tower forms, open galleries, refined arcades and elaborate doorways, the elegant style of its houses and streets is the  evidenced of Vernazza’s historic wealth. With Cinque Terre’s only proper harbor, Vernazza has a long history as a fishing village too.

With a small population of about 1,000 residents, Vernazza is a petty town, still very popular and worth visiting. The 16th-century Belforte Tower (which offers incredible views of the area), the 11th-century Doria Castle and the 14th-century Santa Margherita d’Antiochia church are the main highlights of this place.