Venice receives the highest tide in 50 years

Sudden climate change in the beautiful city of Venice resulted in the highest tides in 50 years; 85 percent of the place was submerged due to the unexpected rain and, storm. The highest level ever recorded was 198cm (78in) during infamous flooding in 1966.

A lot of pictures from the current situation in the city have gone viral. People can be seen wading through the streets. The condition of St Mark’s Square is worst as it is the lowest part of the city.

Not only this, but two people also lost their lives on the island of Pellestrina. After seeing the damaged state of the city, Mr. Brugnaro asked the government for financial help and, soon to start the project to help prevent the devastating floods.

Many businesses too got affected; pictures of chairs and, tables floating in the cafes can be seen. Many shopkeepers also tried to shift their stock and, save it. Mr. Brugnaro said the flood levels represent “a wound that will leave indelible signs”.

Let’s pray for Venice and, hope to see the betterment soon as right now things really seem serious which is quite upsetting.
Check out the shocking pictures below:

Check out the shocking pictures and videos below: